September 27, 2023

QRC concludes Warm Winter Project for Palestinian, Syrian refugees in Lebanon

DOHA- Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) finalized the implementation of its Warm Winter Project 2014, one of the main annual QRC-funded and -implemented projects. Covering most of the poor regions of Lebanon, the project targeted more than 30,000 poor Syrian and Palestinian refugees, as well as the most disadvantaged Lebanese families. 

QNA_QRC_Lebanon_11052014The project lasted for four months, from 30 December 2013 to 30 April 2014. It involved distribution of basic winter requirements such as blankets, heaters, heating oil, winter clothing, jackets for UNRWA schoolchildren, and gifts for elderlies including bed mattresses, blankets, and pillows. 

This year’s version of the project cost $400,000, fully funded by QRC, serving at least 17 Palestinian refugee camps, as well as Syrian refugees and poor Lebanese families in Akkar, Baalbek, Beqaa, Arsal, and other poor towns. 

Implementation was coordinated with the Irshad and Islah Islamic Beneficent Association, with a view to helping poor families survive their poverty and distress, particularly in the cold winters of the targeted regions. 

The beneficiary families thanked the project’s team, showing gratitude for such a kind humanitarian gesture from QRC, which is always at the forefront of efforts to alleviate the suffering of poor and deprived people in Lebanon. 

Over the winter months, QRC volunteers were working actively and energetically, moving from one area to another to deliver winter requirements to their rightful beneficiaries, who welcomed them happily after months of difficulty and severe conditions, just for this winter assistance to come and relieve them and leave smiles on the faces of their children.

“Your arrival revived our hopes. When you came today, I felt that I’m with my family and that we are not alone. We are very happy with you. You added to this invaluable aid.” QRC continues to conduct different projects in Lebanon, particularly in relieving Syrian and Palestinian refugees in aspects of food items, heating requirements, healthcare, housing, psychological support, professional qualification and many other forms of assistance.-QNA

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