October 2, 2023

QITCOM focuses on innovative solutions in ICT

DOHA- Qatar’s annual ICT conference and exhibition QITCOM 2014  is focusing on a different set of solutions designed to form the future of information and communication in Qatar’s economy in the presence of a group of prominent speakers from around the world. 

Activities of QITCOM 2014,which kicked off earlier Monday(May 26th), provides an ample opportunity for the major information and communications companies and organizations in the region and the globe to take advantage of the many promising opportunities that abound in the Qatari market, and to promote projects that keep pace with the advancement of knowledge renaissance experienced in Qatar.

QITCOM 2014 in its third edition is held in the presence and participation of innovation and business leaders in the sector of ICT in order to provide the latest technology and innovative global strategies that will support Qatar to achieve a knowledge-based economy. 

The said conference and exhibition is organized by “Fisher Appelt” Company in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and is being held for three days in Qatar’s National Convention Centre (QNCC). 

QITCOM 2014 this year attracts more than 150 exhibitors from ten countries around the world, along with a number of distinguished speakers and experts in the field of communications and the best organizations, companies and exhibitors from local, regional and global areas.

It also focuses on the world prime techniques and trends in the field of ICT to be employed from a local perspective, as the idea behind it is localizing these technologies so that they become closer and more convenient to the local market. 

The aim of this annual event is to promote the growth of ICT through the presentation of techniques and ideas that would positively impact all sectors of the economy ranging from giant corporations to even small and medium enterprises.

The focus of the exhibition will be on celebrating the innovation, entrepreneurship and Arabic digital content, which are the same focus, particularly within the agenda of innovation and technology fields. 

The exhibition will also grant QITCOM honor awards to the outstanding works for developing ICT field, and for adopting and applying them in various countries in the region. 

More than 165 companies from 15 countries along with 125 speakers, 45 sponsors and partners of more than ten thousand visitors have participated in the second edition of Qitcom exhibition. 

Qitcom Exhibition and Conference is considered Qatar’s most important and premier event for presenting and discussing the latest hits in ICT, where leaders, professionals, workers, creatives and entrepreneurs of the industry attend and participate. 

Qitcom Conference deals with the analysis of ICT reality in Qatar, including its opportunities and challenges, as well as addressing many topics related to the Internet and broadband network and cyber security and satellite communications. 

It also deals with the framework of the ICT sector work in Qatar at present and in the future work, including smart cities, and ICT applications in public facilities such as: traffic, sanitation, e-commerce, e-finance and other e-government services, in addition to the ways for strengthening the demand for this sector as a career option desirable in Qatar. 

The speakers and participants also highlight the role of ICT in the business, economic and social development in Qatar in line with its national vision 2030, as well as discussing the previous government projects in the sector, the experience gained, the current requirements and the role that can companies play to achieve significant growth of technology in the governmental sector. 

The experts also look at how to transform ICT to the optimal way of creativity and entrepreneurship, the ways to promote new ideas and techniques, and how this technology can re- shape the governmental and private sectors in their companies, government agencies and academic institutions.-QNA

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