March 26, 2023

Avant receives global New Era Award for Technology, Innovation and Quality  

DUBAI- Avant Holding GmbH,a German company that produces high quality construction and interior products for commercial and domestic sectors, has received the coveted global ‘New Era Award for Technology, Innovation and Quality’, constituted by Otherways Management and Consulting Association in France.

Image1-Avant-NewEraAwardMr. Antonio Varghese, Chairman and CEO of Avant Holding, along with the Group’s Director of Products & Marketing Mr. Thomas Thessman, received the award at a conference held in Rome, Italy on June 23, 2014. More than 100 business leaders representing 45 companies from 40 countries made their presence at the conference.

Avant Holding provides sustainable solutions to projects of any scale, bringing the elegance and beauty of nature to interior and exterior spaces without cutting down a single tree. The company manufactures a growing line of products — Flooring, Roofing, Wall Paneling and Ceiling — all under the “Avant” brand name to cater to commercial and domestic sectors alike. Available in more than 20 countries, the avant-garde products have been a global success; owing to its high-quality and focus on sustainability.

The Paris-based Consulting Association grants the ‘New Era’quality awards to companies, which have witnessed great business achievements. This is aimed to put in hands the necessary information for enterprises worldwide in order to promote their management system, communication and development. The selection process focuses on quality management, durable development, management by objectives and projects, advices and control, planning, marketing, information systems and staff management.

Image2-Avant-NewEraAwardCommenting on winning the prestigious award, Mr. Antonio Varghese said, “We are pleased to receive the global recognition as a notification for our quality products. We will continue to offer the world’s best sustainable interior solutions in the Middle East, European and Asian markets and beyond. We focus strongly on the philosophy of quality and sustainability in manufacturing the modern technology-backed solutions for the construction and infra-development sectors.”

“Avant products are reusable, extremely durable and incredibly easy to install and maintain. Avant encourages everyone to experience its range of sustainable products wherever possible, and embrace the values for saving the planet. Being the New Era quality award winner, we had an incomparable opportunity to present Avant’s philosophy in front of global multi-sector forum held as part of the award ceremony. We presented Avant products at the forum, counting on businessmen coming from the five continents,” he added. 

The awards are conferred on the selected companies, based on information, polls and voting.The criteria for selection include reports carried out periodically by Otherways Management and Consulting Association in France and other consulting firms in Europe.The award serves the interests of the nominated companies as a testimony of their efforts to achieve constant improvements in technological development and quality.

The voting mechanism,carried out by Emails, Internet and within the nominated companies,focuses on customer satisfaction, leadership, continuing education and trading, business results, ISO accreditations and other global certifications and standards.In addition to this, the Consulting Association gathers information from various sources including news reports and features, advertising agencies, consultancy companies, trade fairs and exhibitions, chambers of commerce, and embassies, etc. The online macro poll is analysed by a selection committee to finalise the winners.

Avant’s energy-efficient products are manufactured with composite technology, cutting-edge materials and elegant designs, while conserving the planet earth. The products cater to a vast array of sectors; including residential, commercial, corporate, retail, hospitality, transport and marine. Avant’s strong flooring panels can withstand the pressures of foot traffic at hotels, airports, shopping malls, office buildings and indoor stadiums.

The flooring’s zero absorption properties reduces air conditioner load, saving 25 per cent of electricity use and resulting in lower carbon emissions. Avant Flooring also comes with a 20-year interior warrantee, their guarantee of uncompromising quality. 

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