December 2, 2023

Al Qassimi Hospital for Women & Children Performs 600 Successful Surgeries for Children in 2018

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Sharjah: The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) said that the Pediatric Surgery Department at Al Qassimi Hospital for Women & Children has succeeded in carrying out a number of surgeries for children from birth to the age of 12, using the surgical endoscopy.

The ministry added that these surgeries are similar to those carried out in the major worldwide centres of pediatric surgery, noting that the aim of such operations is to treat many critical conditions such as congenital malformations of the digestive system, urinary and reproductive system, congenital and non-congenital tumours.

H.E. Dr. Youssif Al Serkal, Assistant Undersecretary for the Ministry’s Hospitals Sector, said: “Supporting Al Qassimi Hospital for Women & Children with the latest medical technologies has resulted in developing the hospital’s medical and therapeutic services. This contributed to the success of the hospital in carrying out such complicated surgeries efficiently and professionally.”

Al Serkal pointed out that the qualitative development of the surgeries comes in line with MoHAP’s plans and programs aiming to provide the best diagnostic and curative services and adopt the standards of quality and excellence at hospitals.

He added that Al Qassimi Hospital for Women & Children’s Pediatric Surgery Department is one of MoHAP’s reference departments that perform such qualitative surgeries for newborn until the age of 12, pointing to the key role of the Fetal Medicine Department in the success of pediatric surgeries.

“Fetal Medicine Department helps detect the congenital malformations during pregnancy, with the engagement of parents about the nature of the case and the need for surgical intervention, in coordination with other specialities in the hospital. This cooperation and coordination help reduce the occurrence of unwanted medical complications,” Al Serkal explained.

Al Serkal highlighted MoHAP’s keenness to the constant development of hospitals in accordance with the highest international standards and to bring the latest worldwide sophisticated devices to achieve the leadership in healthcare and consolidate patients’ confidence in the efficiency of services provided by MoHAP’s hospitals.

Surgical Endoscopies

Dr. Khaled Khalfan, Consultant, and Head of Pediatric Surgery and Technical Director at Al Qasimi Hospital for Women & Children, said there is a significant increase in the pediatric surgeries by endoscopies, noting that most surgeries are related to abdominal and chest cavity surgery, such as repair of congenital anomalies, intestinal obstruction, biliary gallbladder, and obstruction of the urinary system in children.

He shed light on the statistics which showed that 80% of operations performed by the department is for children as young as two years of age.

Khalfan went on saying: “Last year, we carried out 600 surgeries with high success rates. We are expecting a hike in the surgeries that will be performed this year to reach 1000 surgeries. This increase is owing to the distinguished medical team and the expanded operations rooms equipped with the latest endoscopes and precision instruments that enable surgeons to deal with various complex surgical cases.”

He pointed to the remarkable development in the operations performed by the department such as; treatment of cleft lip and cleft palate, treatment of esophageal obstruction and repair of posterior diaphragmatic hernia in preterm infants, ureteral re-implantation surgeries, ureteral obstruction surgeries, one-stage surgery for the bladder repair, abdominal wall and genitalia after one or two days of childbirth maximum and biliary atresia surgery by laparoscopic ducts, which is a qualitative operation carried out in the reference medical centers worldwide.

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