June 8, 2023

Rasasi’s Faqat Lil Nissa–an ode to the modern woman who is a winner all the way

DUBAI- Rasasi Perfumes has unveiled Faqat Lil Nissa, an Oriental fragrance designed for the independent and self-confident woman of today, who is sure of herself and her style.

Adobe Photoshop PDFEncompassing all the traits that symbolize the accomplished modern woman, Faqat Lil Nissa is a long-lasting signature fragrance that is unique in its own way, as it blends the modern woman’s sentiments and aspirations – ambition, leadership, pioneering spirit, values and the love for luxury with a sensual feminine appeal making it a perfume that is smooth and sophisticated for both leisure or office wear.

Intended to highlight the contemporary woman and her many identities, Faqat Lil Nissa EDP weaves the famed mystique of Oriental perfumery through the intensely woody premium-quality Indian Dhan Al Oudh and softens it with floral highlights, achieving an exotic combination that reflects the woman’s unreserved strength and soft feminity.

“Faqat Lil Nissa is a complete manifestation of the modern woman – the fragrance exudes and inspires a confidence reflective of her persona, while fulfilling her quest for a unique identity. Over the years, Rasasi has created various fragrances that gratify various tastes of our female customers, but Faqat Lil Nissa stands out as the ultimate ode to power and confidence of the modern women,” said Mr. Salim Kalsekar, Managing Director of Rasasi Perfumes.

He added: “With Faqat Lil Nissa, we have created a strong niche for the modern, young Emirati, Arab and expat woman who is fashionable-yet-traditional, successful-yet-ambitious, confident-yet-feminine, in short, a woman who knows her mind and possess both confidence and determination to pursue her goals. The Faqat Lil Nissa persona is of a woman who is a winner all-the-way despite the trials and tribulations that come with her many roles.”

Faqat Lil Nissa top notes cascade down to floral bouquet of Iris, Jasmine Sambac & Orange Blossom, finally culminating into the deliciously warm woody notes of pure Indian Dhan Al Oudh along with Patchouli giving the fragrance an empowering yet an enchanting linger.

Inspired by the hugely successful male perfume Faqat Lil Rijal, the female variant is an intensely captivating and elegant promise of affordable luxury.

The 40ml EDP comes in an elegant white packaging accentuated by soft imprint unveiling a strong bottle with soft, feminine contours and clean cuts for a woman who is a blend of beauty, strength and confidence.

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