June 8, 2023

High-speed action with “Red Bull Air Race-The Game”–available now on App Store and Google Play

SALZBURG– “Red Bull Air Race – The Game” from Red Bull Media House is now available for free with in-app purchases on the App Store and Google Play.

The fast-paced arcade racing game brings the fastest motorsport series in the world – the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship – to smartphones and tablets. Players face 23 exceptional pilots, flying at a speed of 370 km/h and subjected to centrifugal forces of up to 10 Gs, in order to win the world championship.

With “Red Bull Air Race – The Game”, millions of mobile gamers now have the opportunity to maneuver the aircraft themselves through 25 meters high air gates, something normally reserved for just a few of the world’s most experienced pilots.

unnamedJust as in the real Red Bull Air Race, players start off with training. In the “pilot camp” in Brazil, they prepare for the racing season and familiarize themselves with the controls. Then it’s off to the career mode on the trail of the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship in eight different locations on three continents to gain the winner’s cup.

All the courses in the game are modeled closely on the originals and are unlocked gradually. Six different aircraft, each with its own special flight characteristics, are available on release for action-packed duels.

In the virtual hangar, they can be repainted and equipped with upgrades that provide even more speed and aerodynamics. In addition in Matchup, players are challenged by the 23 pilots of the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship, who appear in the Master Class or Challenger Class.

Those who have more fun in thrilling duels than pursuing a pilot career can try their hand in the global Tournament mode, in which they must face other players from all over the world. Players who want to prove their mettle here must go through the same steps as in the real Red Bull Air Race in tough duels: Training, Qualifying, Top 12, Super 8, and Final 4. New events every week also provide variety.

No matter what mode you choose in “Red Bull Air Race – The Game”, only quick reactions and sure instincts will lead to victory in the rapid motor sports action. The score is provided by music from Heaven’s Basement, with the official song of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, and songs from AWOLNATION, Blitz Kids, Five Knives, and Beartooth.


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