March 26, 2023

Emrill revolutionises mobile maintenance with ‘Business Smart’ model

DUBAI- Emrill, an integrated facilities management provider in the UAE, launched the ground breaking ‘Business Smart’ model which revolutionises the use of mobile maintenance. The ‘Business Smart’ model brings together three great innovations by Emrill including their market leading mobile maintenance service,unique mobile work order solution and intelligent low cost wireless monitoring system to offer clients a consistent cost-effective facilities management service. Emrill revolutionises mobile maintenance Image 1

This unique model enables thousands of specially trained Emrill engineers to tackle up to 80% of routine maintenance and emergency tasks in one visit reducing lead-time and costs.Emrill engineers are equipped with mobile devices to carry out planned and reactive maintenance at multiple properties across the whole country.

Further supported by Emrill’s state-of-the-art cloud based solution, jobs are automatically dispatched to mobile maintenance service teams that are immediately deployed to the various sites to carry out planned or emergency maintenance visits.

Retailers, businesses with critical assets that require 24/7 monitoring, large network businesses, data centres and server rooms are able to benefit from this solution by engaging with a high quality service provider while reducing business risk and costs.

Jason Ruehland, Director, Emrill Energy said “Emrill is aware of the constant pressure that our clients are under to maximise operational efficiencies and reduce operating costs. This drove us to develop a new maintenance strategy called ‘Business Smart’ to meet these challenges while providing a consistent high level of service. Switching to this mobile maintenance service can reduce business risks with the remote monitoring of critical assets and mobile service teams thereby reducing operating costs by 25%.”

Emrill’s ground breaking wireless monitoring system technology is easy to install, non-intrusive and designed to monitor client’s key assets in real time to quickly alert technicians of potential issues. The system looks for evidence of deteriorating performance or potential failure and mobile teams are quickly dispatched to carry out maintenance “just-in-time” preventing asset failures thereby reducing operational risks for clients. The entire solution is supported with Emrill’s state-of-the-art Customer Service Centre which ensures that mobile service teams are deployed quickly and efficiently whether for planned maintenance, predictive maintenance or an emergency repair.

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