December 6, 2023

‘Future Power’: An Interactive Self-Assessment Discover Future Skill

Future Power

Dubai: The National Program for Advanced Skills (NPAS) has launched its official platform that includes the FutureFit game. The interactive self-assessment tool enables individuals to discover their ‘future power,’ or their most prominent skill out of the 12 outlined in the Advanced Skills Strategy and the ambitious ‘My Skill 12×12’ campaign – a first-step towards embarking on a journey of lifelong learning.

FutureFit has been designed to provide an innovative way for all members of society to assess themselves to discover which of the skills they are most proficient in. The identification of this prominent skill represents the first stage of the programme, which then goes on to help users improve on the 11 other skills that are outlined.

“We are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to promote lifelong learning as a mindset and a culture within the UAE ecosystem. The UAE Government is heavily invested in instilling the skills of the future within the people – our most valuable resource – and supporting them to continuously improve their capabilities, all in an effort to drive our nation’s sustainable development,” said His Excellency Dr Ahmad bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Higher Education and Advanced Skills.

“The official NPAS platform constitutes a major milestone in our journey to promote lifelong learning, invite the individuals to join us, and know more about our efforts to shape the future of the country,” H.E. Al Falasi explained. “It sparks the public’s curiosity and spurs individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery. It offers an innovative method to introduce the 12 skills of the Advanced Skills Strategy to everyone in the UAE and encourage them to hone their skills and drive their personal and professional growth, wherever they currently stand in life.” H.E. added.

Individuals who are interested in trying the self-assessment tool can access the platform at and navigate through the FutureFit game’s features and scenarios to determine which of the 12 skills identified within the Advanced Skills Strategy they are most gifted in. Several individuals from the UAE community, including government officials, have already tested the platform and discovered their future power. The platform has undergone a series of updates and has been showcased at several forums and conferences in the UAE and abroad.

The platform offers access to comprehensive information relating to the Advanced Skills Strategy and the initiatives of the National Program for Advanced Skills. These include the My Skill 12×12 campaign and its existing and planned activities, such as the ‘Skills Cube’ initiative and the workshops organised at government and private entities across the country.

My Skill 12×12 was launched under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. It focuses on a dozen essential skills that individuals can develop to keep up with future trends and requirements and in doing so, play an effective role in driving the growth of vital sectors across the UAE. The 12 skills are grouped into four main categories – basic skills, competencies, personal traits, and specialised skills – with each month dedicated to one specific area. The month of June was dedicated to the ‘Growth Mindset’; meanwhile, the skill focus for July 2019 was ‘Financial Literacy’, and ‘Adaptability’ was chosen for the month of August.

The programme focuses on 12 different skills classified along  three main categories, namely, Foundational Literacies, Competencies, and Character Qualities. Additionally, there will be a fourth category, Specialised Skills, that the programme will focus on at a later stage of its implementation.

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