September 23, 2023

BFEA organises 'This is Bahrain' conference and exhibition

LONDON—With the participation of more than 100 personalities, the Bahrain Federation of Expatriate Associations (BFEA) organised at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster Abbey, London, a conference and exhibition themed “This is Bahrain”.

23145314531_0The function aimed to spotlight cultural diversity and religious tolerance in Bahrain and highlight the reform process spearheaded by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

BFEA Secretary General Betsy Mathieson underlined the importance of the event in spotlighting religious freedom in Bahrain and debunking fallacies being spread abroad by some people. 

The associated gallery featured photos of churches and temples in Bahrain dating back hundreds of years and showing Bahrain’s history as a land for all religions and sects. 

The BFEA Secretary General said at a press conference held prior to the event that the function is the first to be held outside Bahrain, pointing out that London was the choice due to relations of friendship between Bahrain and the UK and that there will be other events in other countries.

She added that there was no government sponsorship of the function which has been prepared for since last October. She said the event’s cost were covered by individual efforts and volunteers to inform the world of tolerance and co-existence reigning in Bahrain and lay bare lies being spread by some to tarnish the kingdom’s bright image.-BNA

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