April, 2024

Your Planet Needs You exhibition attracts hundreds of children across the country

DUBAI- Dubai’s first environment exhibition for children under the title ‘Your Planet Needs You’ organized by Children’s City, affiliated with Dubai Municipality continues to  attract  hundreds of children and school groups across the country, informed Naila Al- Mansoori, head of Children’s City

FHA_2840 (Custom)According to her, as of now children from 53 schools hailing from different emirates viewed the exhibition.  

She said it is the first time in Dubai such an exhibition for children ,on the topic of The Science of Survival which gives glimpses into the world of 2050,was organized. She attributed the high turnout of visitors to this point.

“The Science of Survival: ‘Your Planet Needs You’ is a new hands-on exhibition that takes children on a journey of possibilities in the future. Accompanied by four virtual guides, Dug, Tek, Eco and Buz, the child will confront challenges like finding water in unusual places, designing a super-food, and creating the kind of neighborhood you would want to live in” she said.

She explained, the exhibition is aimed at educating children about the importance of sustainable living in an excited and fun filled environment, which will focus on some of the most pressing issues of today, including global resources, climate change, and our options for a sustainable future.

‘Children seemed so curious about imaging what life will be like in the year 2050, what will we eat, How will we travel, what kind of house will we live in, she said.

While viewing the exhibition, children will  have a chance to know how to get more creative about how we live, work and play to ensure that we and our planet survive, she pointed.

 ‘At the start of the exhibition you will meet Buz, Eco, Tek and Dug – your guides from the city of 2050 who have found a way to communicate with you from the future. These four will provide advice on different ways to tackle the challenges ahead and live more sustainably,’ she further said.

FHA_2842 (Custom)‘The exhibition is divided into sections called Drinking, Eating, Enjoying, Moving, Building and Future City which look at what we need to survive and how changing climate and resources could affect our lives. Amongst other things, you will explore new places to find water for the city of  2050, sit down to eat with other visitors and trade food for dinner, explore shopping in 2050, check out new vehicle technologies in a racing game and even design your own future home,’ she explained.

The exhibition features seven areas namely: Briefing, Drinking, Eating, Enjoying, Moving, Building and Future City. Guests progress through the scenarios, playing interactive games and shaping their future lives. Among the activities is Future Journey, a driving game where you pick up friends in a car you designed to run on new fuels, and take them into the futuristic city.  Play the fast-paced Future Drink game and discover how we can find enough fresh water for all, then take a dive in a virtual pool.  Each area offers bright graphics and appealing, easy-to-use activities allowing guests to work together to solve issues – just like in the real world!

The exhibition also offers an early, first-hand opportunity to see new inventions designed to make best use of the planet’s resources. These include the Q-drum, a rolling container that allows people to easily transport clean water over long distances; the Eglu Chicken House, a fun way to keep chickens and produce eggs in an urban garden; the Toilet-lid Sink, which reuses sink water to flush toilets; and the eCube, a low-cost device to insulate food, creating zero-energy refrigeration.

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