September 22, 2023

The torch will be given to you, to build better future, Ban tells students in Shanghai

SHANGHAI- At a “time of test” for the human family, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon encouraged students and faculty at Shanghai’s Fudan University to help the United Nations as it begins in earnest work on the fundamental challenge of building an inclusive, universal 21st century blueprint “that will steer our world onto a truly sustainable, prosperous and peaceful path.”
Ban-Ki-Moon“We are living in a very crucially important time. Thus, your responsibility and your engagement and your vision will be very important, particularly for faculty members and professors,” Mr. Ban said in his address, as he wrapped up his week-long visit to China.

In 2000, world leaders gathered at the UN and adopted a blueprint that came to be known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), aiming to, among others, provide fair opportunities, enhance opportunities for education, and improve healthcare, by 2015, according to UN News Centre.

“Thanks in large measure to China, we have met one goal – cutting in half the abject poverty level in half by 2015,” Mr. Ban said, explaining that the target had in fact been achieved by 2010, according to World Bank statistics. “That is owing to China’s great efforts, so we were able to lift out of poverty half of the population.” “There is much unfinished business. Too many countries and vulnerable people are being left behind,” he said, underscoring that it has become clear that the UN family must give greater attention to pressing issues central to success in the 21st century, including climate change, inequality, the rule of law, violence against women and the impact of disasters and many conflicts.

Stressing that the difficult way ahead would require “a global vision,” he cited a raft of challenges that must be addressed, including the “the tragedy in Syria,” where more than 150,000 people have been killed, and the continuing conflicts in South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

“This world has become one family of nations. So my message is that you must be a global citizen, having a global vision.” The UN chief went on to appeal to the students to evince the calm, compassion, cooperation and courage to recognize that the global logic of the times requires that all “work together for peace and a life of dignity for all.”-WAM

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