November 30, 2023

Cosmetics expertise with touch of Arcancil Paris at Beauty World Middle East

DUBAI– Arcancil Paris will show its new collection of cosmetics whose texture was specially adapted to oriental women, at Beauty World Middle East from 27thtill 29th of May in Dubai.Selective but having an attractive positioning, the brand Arcancil follows closely all the emerging trends and strengthens its standing as a cosmetic expert by developing products resulting from the latest innovations in terms of formulation and colors, suitable for all kinds of skin especially the oriental women.

a6c82ca0dfea6fbc_orgSpecialist in eyes products, Arcancil Paris predominates the parisian elegance since nearly 80 years, thanks to the perfect quality of its products and its wide range of colors. The company’s compact mascara is one of the means highlighting the image of the modern, sophisticated, confident and coquette woman. As one of the first of this format, this mascara gained an international reputation for Arcancil Paris when the most famous Hollywood actresses put it on. Its patent formulation hasn’t been changed since its creation, it lengthens the eyelashes and gives it volume in order to have a sublime result. The formulation is rich with beeswax and it makes the eyelashes soft and silky.

Staying true to its values and keeping its commitment of guarantying the best level of quality, security and efficiency for its products, Arcancil Paris offers to women, young and mature, products created exclusively and manufactured in the best french and European laboratories in complete compliance with the European standards. The company’s control of texture, colors and galenic forms offered to its clients, allows it to create the best products in terms of formulations and packaging.

In France,Arcancil Paris chose, since 2006, Galeries Lafayette as the exclusive distributor of its products. Internationally, the brand that offered more than 450 items,is already well implemented in more than 30 countries in all continents,specifically in the most selective perfumery chains and department stores. The company’s recognition has also expanded thanks to its multilingual internet site (French, English, Portuguese, Spanish,Chinese,Indonesian).

Since 2010, the independent division of the private label Institut Cameane (created to satisfy the growing demand from companies of the Middle East region) has been developing collections and specific products meeting the expectations of its sponsors. The division is pleased as well to launch a collection of makeup in the Middle East region by the year 2014.

In order to further strengthen its image as an expert, Arcancil Paris collaborates closely with the famous makeup artist Morgane Hilgers, ambassadress of the brand. Hilgers shares her knowledge of international trends with the team. She participates particularly in the artistic management of the brand’s photos and video shootings, especially the ones launched in 2013 to explain how to put on makeup.

In November 2007, Arcancil Paris got back on stage by launching kohl Kajal, a kohl in stick in a black matte case enhanced by a well-matched ribbon of black satin. This modern change of the traditional oriental kohl made a hit and marked the revival of the brand.

Since then the Arcancil Paris team ,passionate about makeup and fully aware of the markets needs, never stopped innovating nor creating new products specifically adapted to the Middle East countries, such as the waterproof foundation of high coverage Cover Match, the luxurious complexion base Idéal Velvet and the red, pink and orange colors of its well known collection Starliner that joined lately the list of the brand’s renowned best sellers: the mascara Perfect Lash and the blush Oh My Maxi Blush! Arcancil Paris can now prove its hability to diversify in other sectors to provide a collection of products adapted to the taste of foreign clients and most particularly women from the Middle East, with an unequaled product quality for a colorful, sophisticated, very elegant and affordable makeup.

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