March 17, 2023

New line of Arabic inspired fragrances, Kindus, unveiled in Middle East launch

911baeadaf7ef0b3_orgDUBAI- Prism Group and Faces has unveiled the regional launch of ‘Kindus: The Art of Perfume Philosophy,’ a new line of Arabic inspired fragrances that offer consumers with oriental smelling, longer lasting floral and aromatic inspired scents.

Presented in a unique packaging design that reflects Arabic culture and calligraphy, KINDUS Perfumes comes in seven different variations—Kindus أ ALEF, سSIIN, ع AYN, د DAL, ج JEEM, م MEEM and ر RAA.

History shows that the creation of fragrances is an age-old practice that dates back to the ancient times. In fact, Al Kindi, the great Philosopher of the Arabs was also known as the father of perfume distillation and is credited in writing a book of perfumes in Arabic—detailing over 100 ways to make perfumes.

Looking to preserve and promote the Arabic perfume making tradition, Prism Group and Faces has developed a new range of fragrances that not only aims to preserve Arabic culture but also give consumers a taste of a lifestyle inspired by luxury.

Mohammed Abdul Jalil Musabih

“We are proud to have partnered with Faces for the release of Kindus Perfumes, a dynamic and powerful perfume that is guaranteed to capture the hearts of many,” said Mohammed Abdul Jalil Musabih, Founder and CEO, Prism. “Each of these seven new scents brings the Arabic ancient practice of fragrance making to the fore—fit for different personalities with the promise of a long lasting sweet smell that can truly inspire.”

Each bottle of Kindus Perfume is presented in a unique packaging style that is based on a philosophy that places strong attention to Arabic calligraphy as it pays homage to the intrinsic beauty of Arabic letters.

The concept follows the vision of all the Arabic nations, who have called upon nurturing and preserving the Arabic language for future generations to connect with their roots, society and values.

Kindus is all about the excellence of presenting different blends in seven different bottles that contain the soft sensuality of Musk, the preciousness of woods and resins, the dazzling mystery of saffron and amber, the aromatic flavors of citrus, the sweetness of strawberries, the richness of jasmine and exotic of orange blossoms, in addition to the elegant thickness of Oud, which will carry you to the world of luxury and glamour.

Kindus Alef ﺃ- is a scent made for users who are confident and uncompromised. Made from a homely blend of resins, incense and sensuous musk, this fragrance is guaranteed to give its user a fleeting trail of confidence wherever you go.

Kindus SIIN ﺲ – is made for those with a more bubbly personality as it is made from fruits and vegetables that perpetuates a fragrance that lasts all day long.

Kindus AYN ۔ﻉ is a scent made for royalty—made from floral rose extracts and green cannabis and later combined with precious woods and resins. The end result is a woodsy scent in a soft and delicate effect.

Kindus DAL ﺪ ۔ offers a sweet yet spicy scent that gives users a sense of elegance and style. This endearing fragrance is made of orange, cinnamon and cedar.

Kindus JEEM ۔ﺝ is a fragrance that best reflects Arabic culture—captured by the scent of Agar wood and made even stronger with the mix of saffron, amber, rose, sandalwood and incense.

82c33fe91521fa1b_orgKindus MEEM م ۔ is a scent especially developed for women, with its floral fruity fragrance mix of black currant, grape fruit, red apple and pear.

Lastly, Kindus RAA ر ۔ is a flirtatious fragrance that combines the powerful and aromatic flavors of citrus, strawberries, jasmine and orange blossoms.

Kindus Perfumes will be available at leading malls and boutique shops, including all “Wojooh” retail stores in the KSA and Abu Dhabi, in addition to “Paris Gallery” in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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