September 21, 2023

NAPCO to offer training program for graduating Omani college students as part of its support towards Omanization

MUSCAT – The National Aluminium Products Company SAOG (NAPCO), one of the leading extruders of aluminum profiles in the GCC, has revealed its plans to implement a strategic training program for graduating Omani college and university students, particularly those in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. The new program reflects the company’s support for the government’s move towards Omanization, a policy enacted by the government of Oman in 1988 aimed at replacing expatriate workers with trained Omani personnel. In addition to the new training initiative, NAPCO is looking towards hiring more Omani citizens to fill up more than 35 per cent of their current workforce.

According to the company’s senior executives, NAPCO will be selecting a number of Omani students this year to train for a period of six months. After the completion of the training, NAPCO will be offering the trainees a chance to be employed within the company. During the initial phase of the program, the company will focus on providing training for mechanical and electrical engineering students. However, as the initiative progresses, NAPCO will extend the program to other areas like accounting, sales, marketing and logistics.

Sayyid Wasfi Jamshid Abdullah Al Said
Sayyid Wasfi Jamshid Abdullah Al Said

Sayyid Wasfi Jamshid Abdullah Al Said, Chairman of the Board of Directors, NAPCO, said: “We are in strong support for the Omani government’s move towards Omanization. In fact, we are currently taking major steps to promote this initiative within the company. As such, we will soon be implementing a training program for graduating Omani students who want to pursue a career in Aluminium extrusion. The program will last for six months and upon its completion, we will be offering these candidates a chance to be part of the NAPCO workforce. Rest assured, we will continue to show our extensive support for this government initiative and even go beyond the requirement of a 35 per cent Omani workforce in the near future.”

Established in 1984, NAPCO has positioned itself as a reliable source of high quality extrusions from the Gulf to World Markets by conforming to international standards. The company offers a wide range of Aluminium profile extrusions in different finishes that suits modern design specifications and has left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape of the Middle East. To date, NAPCO products are being used in a myriad of prestigious and unique structures all over the region.

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