October 2, 2023

Cadillac highlights latest technologies and services 

Dubai, U.A.E – Cadillac, the New York-based automotive brand, this morning laid out its key plans for the autonomous driving at the Future of Mobility Conference in Dubai. Christian Soemmer, Managing Director, Cadillac Middle East, spoke to delegates about the manufacturer’s approach to Advanced Mobility in an interactive panel titled ‘Will Autonomous and Self Driving Cars make Roads Safer?’.

During the discussion, the Cadillac executive showed his support for the Dubai Government’s efforts to boost autonomous driving and smart transportation over the coming decade. Soemmer also shared with the audience the latest technological developments from Cadillac, such as Super Cruise™ and Plug-In Hybrid Electric (PHEV) propulsion system, that promise to deliver the evolution of driverless mobility. Continuing to push the boundaries of the driving experience, Cadillac has also launched a pioneering luxury vehicle subscription service, BOOK by Cadillac earlier this year.

This year’s conference, hosted by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology and held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin-Fahad, Minister of State – UAE and Chairman of ESMA Board of Directors, marks the first time that Cadillac has been a named sponsor.

Commenting on the journey to autonomous driving, Soemmer said, “Echoing the vision set out in the Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy, Cadillac believes in the potential of autonomous driving to promote a number of societal benefits. From minimising congestion to dramatically reducing lives lost to preventable accidents, smart transportation will impact all our lives for the better.

“With technologies such as Super Cruise™ – the industry’s first true hands-free driving technology for the highway and Plug-In Hybrid Electric (PHEV) propulsion system developed to double the fuel economy of the conventional powertrain offerings in the CT6, Cadillac is seeking to elevate the joy of driving, not eliminate it.”

Cadillac’s Super Cruise™ utilises two advanced technology systems — a driver attention system and precision LiDAR map data — to guarantee safe and confident vehicle operation.

Super Cruise™ is the first assisted driving technology that uses precision LiDAR map data in addition to real-time cameras, sensors and GPS. The car uses the real-time data provided by the cameras and sensors to govern steering, braking and acceleration. Super Cruise™ adds to this formula using advanced laser technology in development for future autonomous vehicles: a LiDAR-scanned map database.

Leveraging General Motors’ expertise in battery cell technology, the Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid is designed to provide all-electric driving for most daily commutes, while maximizing fuel efficiency by providing blended power from the engine and battery at higher speeds and higher loads, even when energy is stored in the battery. The CT6 Plug-In Hybrid combines an all-new rear wheel drive electric variable transmission to provide the smooth, spirited acceleration expected from a driver’s car.

Further underscoring Cadillac’s forward-thinking approach to mobility, BOOK by Cadillac is an innovative new option targeted at a growing class of luxury drivers searching for access to various cars over time, dependent on their individual needs, coupled with a hassle-free ‘white-glove’ exchange. Having debuted in the New York metro area, BOOK by Cadillac, gives members access to the latest premium-trim Cadillac models without the commitment of leasing, financing or buying a car.


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