October 2, 2023

Etisalat launches Family Pack offering free calls and shared data between family members

ABU DHABI- Reflecting the spirit of togetherness and family ties of people in the UAE, Etisalat has launched a distinctive ‘Family Pack’, which allows free mobile calls and shared data among family members around the clock.

The first-of-its-kind offering in the UAE for families allows a group of ten members to enjoy free mobile calls made within the group for as low as AED29 per member per month. Once a postpaid member creates the group, both postpaid and prepaid customers can be added to the Family pack.

Family Pack members can also automatically share and use free data most suited to their needs. These data packs are available at special one-time monthly subscription rates:

Khaled ElKhouly, Chief Marketing Officer, said, “People in the UAE are known to have strong family ties. Our new service reflects the most important aspect of this society – the desire to stay connected with family through regular contact and communication. As the UAE’s first, the new pack aims to make it both, convenient and pocket-friendly, for our customers to keep in touch with family members and as part of the family, enjoy benefits of shared data too. It truly is the answer to a family’s daily calling and data usage needs.”

Etisalat’s Family Pack is an add-on to the customer’s existing postpaid rate plan, which becomes the family main line. Family members subscribed to either a prepaid or postpaid rate plan can then join the group. An easy three-step subscription process allows a family member to subscribe to the pack through a postpaid mobile number:

  1. Create a “Family” by sending an SMS ‘FP’ along with their landline number, to 1012
  2. As the family main line, add members by sending an SMS ‘ADD’ along with new member’s mobile number, to 1012.
  3. Upon receiving an invitation through SMS, the new member can join the group by sending an SMS ‘APPROVE’ along with family main line number, to 1012.

To add more members, the family main line member simply needs to repeat the process.

Family main line member can opt for one of the three data packages by calling Customer Care Centre at 101 or by visiting the nearest Etisalat Business Centre or retail outlet. 

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