July, 2024

Abu Dhabi DoE Launches New Innovation Platform

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), Principal Partner for Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2020 (ADSW) launched a new platform for supporting innovation in line with Abu Dhabi’s strategic goals and DoE’s efforts towards energy transition.

The new platform is called ‘Department of Energy Innovation Platform’ and seeks to attract innovators and experts from the energy sector, as well as owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), students, and the local and global community to share innovations and generate ideas that support the sector and ensure environmental sustainability. The platform allows its visitors to present their innovations in nine main categories in the energy and sustainability sector.

Abdullah Mohammed Al Khumairi, DoE’s Executive Director of Strategic Affairs, said: “DoE is committed to supporting Abu Dhabi to promote innovation for a more sustainable and prosperous future. Today, we offer innovators and original thinkers a platform to present their innovations and proposals to develop the energy sector in Abu Dhabi and support it to achieve the desired energy transformation in order to ensure a secure supply, drive economic and social development, and achieve environmental sustainability.

“Promoting a culture of innovation and seeking solutions that enhance and streamline operations is a defining issue of our times. The Department of Energy Innovation Platform will address the energy goals of the society to support the economy, and the environment – the three pillars of the UAE’s energy transformation,” Al Khumairi added.

The platform provides a simple and user-friendly experience for visitors, who will have just two steps to access it. The first step is to choose the appropriate category for the project from the list of nine categories following which they will be required to provide a simple description of the idea and fill in the contact details. The evaluation stage will begin with an initial assessment of the idea by the DoE’s innovation team, followed by a technical evaluation by experts. Once the assessment is complete, the team will offer internal recommendations regarding the feasibility and best approaches for adopting and implementing the ideas, as well as the type of support its owner will need.

The DoE stand (A200) at the World Future Energy Summit offers an integrated experience to its visitors. The stand features a section devoted to innovation, which introduces visitors to DoE’s role and commitment to supporting and promoting innovation in the energy sector in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, in general. It also showcases the most notable challenges and opportunities for innovation in the energy sector. The visitors are then introduced to the new platform inviting them to present their ideas and innovations.

DoE has expanded its presence at the Climate Innovation Exchange forum (CLIX), organising two lectures a day to introduce the Innovation Platform, its objectives, operations, the process of assessing innovations, and final stages for selecting outstanding innovations.

As the Principal Partner for Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2020, DoE will be exclusively sponsoring a range of platforms and activities during the week. The department’s focus will be on activities and events related to innovation, youth, women, and society such as the CLIX forum; the Youth for Sustainability (Y4S) hub; WiSER (Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy); and The Festival at Masdar City. The sponsorship is in line with the DoE’s directives to drive Abu Dhabi’s energy transformation by promoting environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and supply security.


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