September 21, 2023

Artworks by Artissima Art Gallery artists’ exhibition reaches Umm Al Quwain

Artissima RAKUMM AL QUWAIN- The Artissima Art Gallery has outreached their various artists’ works to the Center of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development in Umm Al Quwain with the aim to outreach and bring art to all the Emirates from the 27th to the 29th of May, 2014.

Aurela Cuku, Managing Partner, Artissima Gallery said, “We are delighted to host our artists’ works in Umm Al Quwain which adds color and beauty to inspiring venues. We have selected the best artworks from all our artists to be showcased in the different emirates as we bring art to the masses.”

Celebrated Bolivian artist, Roberto Mamani Mamani’s works are part of the display. A self-taught artist, Mamani Mamani develops his art from original visions and feelings of his people, using vibrant, and multiple colors to express character, textures and emotions.

Roberto’s original figurative work is like a multicolor party in which appears the Andean geography, full of characters, plants, animals, rituals and dances taking shape reflecting the Bolivian identity and legacy.

Roberto Mamani Mamani is the author of more than 3000 pictures in about 70 series, most of which have been painted on watercolor paper with resins that he prepares himself from various pigments; both Bolivian traditional and new techniques of color.

The exhibition also includes pieces from ‘Andean Dreams’, a collection by Peru’s Master weaver, Eddie Sulca, whose artistic imagination is one of the best exponents of the Peruvian contemporary weaves.

Born and raised in the remote Andean city of Ayacucho, Perú, Eddie began his weaving career at the age of eight with a commitment to continue the traditions of his family and culture. His grandfather Ambrosio Sulca learned the techniques from the old weavers and has handed them down to his sons and grandson Eddie.

However, Eddie Sulca is the originator of unusual effects with unique colors where he employs motifs and patterns drawn from the ancient cultures like the Inca and the Wari and combines their essence with other designs that comes directly from his dreams.

On display are artworks (acrylic and mixed media on Japan paper) of the Italian artist, Daniela Carletti, whose works show the beauty of nature in its most harmonious state.

She has a nostalgia for a time when human beings lived in direct communication with nature and has a compulsive need to represent this state, resulting on beautiful art pieces that are currently exhibited in the UAE.

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