April, 2024

Al Noor Training Centre welcomes sponsorship to support training of children

DUBAI-  The Al Noor Child Sponsorship Programme is an opportunity for individuals & Corporates to contribute towards the training of children with Special Needs at Al Noor. We need your support.

The Al Noor Child Sponsorship Programme is an integral part of the fundraising activity of the Centre and is aimed towards helping parents who are unable to pay the already subsidized fees due to various financial challenges.

The subsidy offered to each child at the Centre is more than 40% of the cost of Training. The huge deficit caused by this subsidy can only be covered by sponsorships from Corporates and Individuals.

Ms. Isphana Al-Khatib, Director of Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs, said, “This is an opportunity for corporates and community to partner with us and directly impact a child’s life by providing him/her with the opportunity for a better future”.

She added, “Close to 40 children are on this program receiving quality professional training and close to 35 more children awaiting support in terms of Fees sponsorship”.

Individuals and corporates can sponsor 1 or more students under the sponsorship programme. There are three categories of sponsorship under the programme such as Comprehensive Sponsorship which covers the academic year’s tuition fees and subsidy; Tuition Fees Sponsorship which covers only tuition fees which is more than 40% subsidized; and the Subsidy Sponsorship which covers only the subsidy, offered to each child.

For more information on the Al Noor Child Sponsorship Programme, please call the Centre at 04-3404844  or email: seema@alnoorspneeds.ae

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