June, 2024

MA HAWA’s Sustainable Water Bottles Hydrate Beachgoers During COP28

Dubai: Ma Hawa, an Emirati brand from Baynunah Watergeneration Technologies SP LLC based in Abu Dhabi and a pioneer in providing sustainable hydration to people everywhere through pure water-from-air, distributed its premium drinking water created from the air across beaches in the UAE to promote a sustainable lifestyle and create awareness about alternative water technologies in line with the ongoing COP28.

Ma Hawa branded vehicles took to beaches, creating awe among beachgoers with its innovative technology and portable dispensers demonstrating AWG technology. Ma Hawa employs a process of water extraction directly from the air called atmospheric water generation (AWG), eliminating the necessity for conventional plastic bottles to reduce waste and offering a completely renewable source of drinking water.

Michael Rutman, CEO of Ma Hawa, stated, “Our company was found in line with UAE’s sustainability goals and spirit of innovation. The Middle East region is home to 6% of the world’s population but has only 1% of the world’s freshwater resources and has hosted more than 70% of the world’s desalination capacity. These represent some alarming facts, such as dwindling freshwater resources and heavy spending on desalination infrastructure. By switching to innovative solutions from Ma Hawa, each person can do their part in addressing these challenges.”

He added, “We have solutions that can provide drinking water to homes, commercial facilities, even towns. However, the most important part is to build awareness among people so they embrace these innovations. Our activities, such as the water distribution at the beaches, do exactly this.”

Ma Hawa is the UAE’s first premium drinking water brand to offer clean, renewable water extracted from the air using its cutting-edge technology. Launched in the UAE’s ‘Year of Sustainability, Ma Hawa aims to meet the world’s need for access to clean, healthy and safe water from sustainable sources in an environmentally friendly production method and at an affordable cost for all.

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