March 2, 2024

World’s thinnest pizza launches in Dubai

DUBAI- NONNO’s first outlet in Dubai was officially launched at an event held at Bay Avenue Mall in Executive Towers, Business Bay. The world’s thinnest pizza, measuring just 2mm in thickness must be the healthiest pizza option to be made available in Dubai. The event included VIPs, celebrities and business leaders from across the community, who got their first look and taste of the NONNO lounge experience.  

The brand was created locally by Profound Investments, a Dubai based creative investment firm. This is the latest addition to Profound’s F&B portfolio who designed the brand and outlet especially for women and guests seeking a healthier option of fresh pizza, using locally farmed produce.

unnamed (3)During the official launch of this new culinary destination, Profound Investments CEO, Talal Thabet, said: “We wanted to launch NONNO in Dubai as this is a vibrant brand that needs an equally vibrant city to match; and I can’t think of a better city to do it in than Dubai”.

Speaking about NONNO’s concept, Thabet added: “NONNO is inspired by the lifestyle of models, actors and celebrities who live a fast paced lifestyle and are constantly trying to ensure what they consume enhances their lifestyle, free of yeast, salt or sugar”.

After conducting extensive research and focus groups worldwide, working closely with female celebrities and models across the world, NONNO succeeded in making a pizza that most women and health conscious individuals would enjoy, without worrying about a calorie count or carcinogenics.

According to Thabet, NONNO’s pizza is not only very thin, but also uses natural ingredients from local farms which ensure a high level of nutrients. All the Pizzas are free of sugar, salt and yeast; which makes them the ideal choice for those who suffer from health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and digestive disorders.

Because of its ultra-thin base, lessening your carb intake, the pizza cannot carry a lot of cheese or toppings. Some may take this as a negative, but it actually enhances the flavor and portion control making the old adage “less is more” very accurate in this instance.

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