February 23, 2024

Rasasi’s ‘Yazan’ for men blends masculine traits and modern aspirations

DUBAI- With a perfume inspired by the name and chivalry of the legendary Saif Ibn Dhi Yazan, the King of Yemen in the 6th Century CE, Rasasi Perfumes – one of the leading fragrance brands across the GCC region – has announced the launch of its new perfume Yazan, a pure bred, unapologetically masculine experience.

The modern Oriental Yazan is a perfect blend for a man, offering everything that he wants – juxtaposing innate male characteristics with modern-day sensibilities. In other words, Yazan blends the masculine attributes of strength, vigor, courage and valor with the aspirations of today’s modern man.

YazanWith its tall, dark and handsome looks, and a fragrance that reinforces sophisticated machismo, the perfume brings out the innate strength and confidence of the modern man. In other words, the Yazan man is a blend of success, good looks and pure masculine confidence.

A fragrance that epitomizes affordable luxury in the true sense of the term, Yazan offers the ultimate macho image in a sophisticated way and is a masterpiece in invigorating richness with modesty, simplicity with sophistication, strength with vulnerability, and all the qualities that epitomize the modern man.

“The Yazan perfume from Rasasi is like no other. With its strong masculine fragrance, Yazan offers a strong appeal that our customers can relate to – for this is a high quality perfume with a strong personality, fresh, woody and a tinge of spice. With our knowledge about customers’ tastes in the region, we are confident that this perfume will be quite a hit with the men,” said Mr. Salim Kalsekar, Managing Director of Rasasi Perfumes.

He added: “Keeping in mind the latest trends and fashion, Rasasi has time and again unveiled unique and sophisticated fragrances developed by master perfumers who are the best in the field. The Yazan perfume is a great value-addition to our growing presence in the region and beyond.”

Yazan has touch of Rosewood, Sandalwood and generous portions of high-quality Indian Oud. It offers top notes of Lemon & Sage, which cascades to Balsam, Black Cinnamon and Praline in the middle and offers bottom notes of high-quality Indian Oud, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Rosewood and Black Amber.

Yazan is designed for men who do not have to try hard to impress and their personality is itself makes a strong statement. Coming in 85ml exquisite packaging which reflects simple sophistication – what with a strong lacquered glass bottle with a thick base from Europe and a heavy high quality Zamac metal cap, the connoisseurs of fragrances could not have asked for a more elegant packaging and a more sophisticated look.

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