July, 2024

Al Islami launches new Heat & Eat product ‘Original Tempura Nuggets’

Al Islami Tempura Nuggets

Dubai: Al Islami Foods, a UAE pioneer in wholesome halal poultry, meat & snacking food products and awarded top Halal Food Brand in the OIC countries, has now launched the fully cooked ‘Original Tempura Nuggets’ redefining convenience and nutrition. A favourite with children, Original Tempura Nuggets extend the brand’s Heat & Eat range and offer a healthy snack option without compromising on health as it is air fryer friendly and rich in good proteins.

Parents can feel confident in providing these nuggets to their children, knowing that Al Islami products are made from real halal meat and contain no added hormones. Additionally, the convenience of heating and eating makes ‘Original Tempura Nuggets’ the best choice for busy households and an easy option for children.

The latest launch adds to the wide range of frozen meat and snack products, ranging from frozen raw and semi-cooked meat, burgers, breaded products and beef snacks to vegetables and seafood offering international flavours. Al Islami’s existing fully cooked products include the entire Zing range (Zing fillet, Zing strips, Zing popcorn and Zing nuggets – both spicy and non-spicy), fully cooked Seekh kebabs and franks. The introduction of the Original Tempura Nuggets continues this tradition and offers a delicious and nutritious option for families.

The Original Tempura Nugget, like all Al Islami processed meat products, is “real halal” product, made from ‘hand slaughtered and never-stunned’ chicken. The company has focused on creating the perfect flavour with careful attention to quality and taste.

Commenting on the launch, Zubair Ahmad, Marketing and International Sales Director of Al Islami Foods said: “Our range of processed foods is carefully prepared to offer unrivalled convenience without compromising on taste or nutritional value. These products are ideally suited to the fast-paced lifestyles of modern households and are set to transform the way people snack and enjoy their meals.”

A leader in Halal Foods for five decades, Al Islami Foods is an Emirati brand with an unrivalled global presence that embodies the principles of quality and innovation. The brand has been recognised as one of the top halal brands globally, securing a coveted position among the Top 5 Halal Products Companies in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in 2023, and was awarded the prestigious title of iHalal Brand of the Year in 2021.


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