April, 2024

Qatar to establish 2 projects for protection of environment and wildlife in Xinjiang

DOHA – The State of Qatar has embarked on the establishing two projects to protect the environment and wildlife in the province of Xinjiang Republic of China, one for the propagation of the Saker Falcon of both types (white and blond), and other one for breeding of Asian Houbara Bustard bird . 

QNA_Humaidi_China_19072014HE Minister of Environment Ahmed Bin Amer Al-Humaidi met in Doha a delegation from the Xinjiang province to discuss the arrangements for the establishment of the two projects, HE the Minister said “The State of Qatar has great interest and care for the environment , especially those items that have great value in the heritage of the Gulf and Qatar such as saker (falcons) The two projects are consistent with the vision of Qatar in 2030, which aimed at the sustainability of the environment and natural elements, as part of efforts by the State represented by the Office of the foreign reserves at the Ministry of the Environment to support regional and international efforts to protect the nature and development of endangered wildlife and protect their natural habitats, HE the Minister noted. 

During the ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the two projects, the Xinjiang province environment minister expressed his sincere thanks to the State of Qatar, HH the Emir, government and people, for the great interest in the environment and efforts to preserve it. 

“The establishment of these two centers, which will have a positive impact in maintaining the sustainability of these types of birds is critical for the protection of rare species threatened with extinction on a global level,” he said, adding that all the studies and research that will take place in these centers in the future will contribute directly to the enrichment of knowledge for several generations to come.-QNA

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