May, 2024

Instinct Media Group and Sky Clinic announce launch of new in-clinic 3D media station

DUBAI- Instinct Media Group and Sky Clinic, a dentistry medical center, has announced the launch of a new in-clinic 3D screen to be installed at Sky Clinic’s premises at Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai. The new state-of-the-art screen which will be provided and operated by Instinct Media Group, will display entertainment material, as well as medical information and awareness messages.

DSC_0630The announcement was made during a press conference held at the Swiss Tower-Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. The conference saw the attendance of top management in the two companies, as well as a number of journalists and media persons.

Commenting on this occasion, Dr. K. Ghiassi, founder and managing director of Instinct Media Group, said: “Today, we are announcing Instinct Media Group’s first step towards supporting the health care sector in the UAE. In this exciting collaboration with our esteemed client, Sky Clinic, our contribution will be in the form of a specialized and exclusive ‘Clinic TV 3D screen’. Our state-of-the-art media technology will be used to present entertainment material, as well as educational and awareness messages. It will be a window through which patients and co-patients will see a new world. A world designed specifically for them.”

The new 3D screen will not only provide a relaxing and assuring environment for patients and their families, it is also designed to build confidence in the Sky Clinic trademark, which is guaranteed to increase revenue by 20%, as explained Dr. K. Ghiassi founder and managing director of Instinct Media Group. The project will also include building customized content revolving around Sky Clinic services, which will serve as promotional material for the clinic. The screen will also serve as an in-house agenda for the clinic, which will use it to announce events, news, special occasions, and much more.

Explaining the role of new media in the health care sector, Dr. K. Ghiassi continued saying: “In this age of new media and virtual reality, it is becoming more and more challenging to meet the new expectations of “customers” in the Health Care Sector. Patients of this age trust Wikipedia more than anyone else, and open their hearts and minds to what is presented to them in a compelling digital package. This is where Instinct Media Group finds its role in this sector”.

The new 3D system will be serving patients visiting the clinic every month, thus playing an important role in Sky Clinic’s outreach and social responsibility program, via its awareness messages and health tips for oral hygiene and general well-being. This aspect constitutes an important part of Sky Clinic’s mission.

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