September 21, 2023

Nadwa Al Awar launches 2014 collection at World Fashion Week

DUBAI-  Nadwa Al Awar, the international fashion designer who has designed outfits for top pan-Arab celebrities like ‘Haifa Wehbe’ and ‘Nourhanne’, launched her latest Summer 2014 Collection at the World Fashion Week held in Saint Georges & Yacht Club at Ain M’reisa, City of Beirut.

The new collection is inspired by 1920s colours, including light green, pink, purple, light blue and yellow.


“It is an honor to be part of the International Fashion Week organised by (L.I.P.S). This event celebrates Beirut’s position on the global map as a capital of fashion and style,” Al Awar said.

Al Awar is renowned for her classic pieces with a creative touch, which suit both Arab and Western women. The designs are generally eye-catching, while maintaining the appropriate female element that fits the traditions of the Middle East and the Gulf region in particular.

Al Awar has won a huge following in the Arab world after her successful participation in numerous international fashion shows, and she continues to do so this year through the World Fashion Week in Beirut.

Al Awar, like many international designers, combines coarse linen and soft fabrics in a single design, so that the silk shows the elegance while the organza and lace give an impressive look.

The World Fashion Week is an ideal platform for designers and brands to showcase their offerings to fashion lovers since it includes an impressive range of innovative designs.

The summer edition this year includes traditional wedding fashion shows and jewelry, with the participation of elite designers like Nadwa Al Awar.

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