March 3, 2024

‘Monte Carlo Stars’ restaurant boasts average per head space of 2 sq. m.

DUBAI- Monte Carlo Stars, a unique and innovative dining destination that boasts the biggest terrace in Dubai Marina, thrives on its USP (unique sales proposition) of spaciousness, offering diners an average per head space of 2 sq. m., double than the global average of 1 sq. m.

“We believe that spaciousness is an integral and critical part of the overall food experience in a restaurant. The spacing between and around tables is an important element in elevating customer comfort and enriching the ambience,” says Ibrahim Al Sheikh, General Manager, Monte Carlo Stars. “It is not just about the distance behind seated guests but also about the spacing between the tables and wall, and between diners seated at adjacent tables. We have also paid great attention to space in aisles for the benefit of diners as well as staff, being most of the time an ‘a la carte’ restaurant.”

From the start, Monte Carlo Stars has positioned itself as a novel theme restaurant with unique elements, heralding the theme of ‘eater-tainment’.

The promoters of Monte Carlo Stars say it will redefine the way restaurants are conceptualized in Dubai in coming years. Monte Carlo Stars is designed in a way that offers guests a combination of dining and fun experience, targeted at families, couples as well as singles, dining together while enjoying the breezy marina ambience.


Monte Carlo Stars is the only attraction in the UAE that features individually controlled TVs in the booths, specialty sports channels, customized football dining tables, music and more, all under one roof.

The restaurant has a customised family-friendly design, which incorporates a supervised play area with ball pit and climbing wall, an arcade, and Friday Family Fun Day activities.

The spacious retractable terrace with panoramic views of Dubai Marina is the largest in the area, ensuring a great experience to all genres of customers: families, friends or even businessmen assembling for an informal evening meeting.

Al Sheikh said: “Our spacious picturesque terrace facing Dubai Marina Mall is a key attraction that set us apart from other restaurants in the Marina area and beyond.”

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