December 5, 2023

Zulekha Hospital Dubai successfully performs complicated life-changing surgery on an infant

DUBAI: Zulekha Hospital, Dubai has successfully carried out multiple procedures to reverse genetic birth defects affecting one-year-old infant.

Audric Tawfeeq Obispo Mesias was brought to the UAE from the Philippines by his parents to undergo three separate procedures to reverse severe conditions affecting the development of his genitals.

The advanced procedures were performed by Dr. Salah E Elghote, Specialist Paediatric Surgeon & Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon at Zulekha Hospital, Dubai. As soon as Audric was admitted, Dr. Elghote carried out the necessary investigations to determine the severity of the child’s condition. Three separate surgeries – repair of hypospadias, release of chordee and Urethroplasty – were subsequently performed, giving Audric a chance to lead a normal, healthy life.

Dr. Salah E Elghote said: “The parents of the baby arrived in the UAE with very little hope, as they had been advised by doctors before that the defects were irreversible. After examining Audric, we felt positive about the surgeries and the quality of life that he would go on to have. Such high risk surgeries need highly specialized expertise and special attention to the most minute of details. We thank the hospital and our clinical staff for their support in performing these procedures, and wish Audric a speedy recovery.”

Following the successful procedures, Audric will require further reconstructive surgery – in another six months.

Thanking the hospital and Dr. Elghote, Sherlyn Obispo, mother of Audric, said: “The team at Zulekha Hospital helped us achieve what seemed impossible at one stage, especially as we had lost all hope that our baby could lead a normal life. The level of care and professionalism we witnessed was incredible. The hospital kept us informed every step of the way, and we cannot thank Dr. Elghote and the clinical staff for what they achieved.”

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