July, 2024

University students in Lebanon to take on new challenge: use concrete to protect eggs 

BEIRUT-  Advanced Construction and Technology Services (ACTS), a consulting organisation in the field of construction materials and geotechnical engineering, has announced that it is collaborating again with ACI Lebanon Chapter for a new student competition called “ACI Egg Protection Device”.  The competition is set to take place prior to the Future Concrete Conference scheduled on June 19th at Le Royal Hotel Dyabeh, Lebanon.  Results will be announced during the conference.

Image 2 _ ACI Egg Protection Device competitionThe competition challenges participants to design and build the highest-impact-load resistant plain or reinforced concrete Egg Protection Device (EPD).  The EPD is a concrete arch meant to protect an egg placed underneath that is subject to destruction by impact loading. For the testing procedure, each EPD will be subjected to an impact load of 8 kg falling from several increasing heights. The impact is said to be powerful enough to smash a construction helmet.   The winning EPD is determined based on the maximum energy (load x height) prior to failure (cracking of the egg constitutes failure of the EPD). Students must also learn and report on concrete’s sustainable benefits related to durability, impact resistance, and other real-life aspects, which an EPD simulates.

The winning team will be granted a trip to the United States of America to attend the ACI 2014 Fall Convention, and represent the ACI Lebanon Chapter in the international EPD competition. Second and Third place entries will be recognised and will receive awards to be announced later.

Khaled Awad
Khaled Awad

Khaled Awad, Chairman of ACTS and President of the Lebanese Concrete Society-ACI Lebanon Chapter said, “We are proud to continue our commitment to support education initiatives, not only amongst professionals, but for the youth as well. By holding competitions like this, we are able to provide invaluable opportunity for advanced learning and training, engaging the students in educational field challenges and practical concrete projects. Judging by the great response we have received so far, we are confident that a brighter future awaits the Lebanese construction industry with the immense talent that we see in the students.”

Among those confirmed to participate in the EPD challenge are: Beirut Arab University; Lebanese American University; Lebanese University, Hadath; Lebanese University, Roumieh; Lebanese University, Saida IUT (Insitut Universitaire de Technologie-Saida); Lebanese University, Tripoli; Notre Dame University; Rafik Hariri University; and, University of Balamand.

Meanwhile, the Future Concrete Conference 2014 will focus on the latest industry developments, highlighting the technological advancements in the Lebanese construction sector. Among the topics to be discussed include: Seismic Assessment of Existing Buildings; Impact Resistance of Concrete; Advanced Materials for Quality Construction; and, How to Survive the Construction Economic Downfall in Lebanon. Key speakers for the conference will be experts from Lebanon, the Middle East, USA and Europe.


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