May, 2024

UAE Minister of Education calls on schools to exert effort in promoting local values & traditions

UAE- H.E. Humaid Mohammed Al Qatami, Minister of Education, has called on the private schools across all levels to exert more efforts in the move to promote UAE’s values and traditions in their respective communities. Al Qutami stressed the need to inculcate and educate the students about local traditions by integrating these values into the administrative procedures and celebratory events such as graduation ceremonies.

H.E. Al Qatami added that the Ministry of Education recognizes the private education sector as the government’s strategic partner in this endeavor. At the same time, he underscored the need for the entire education sector, including schools, to comply with all learning assets, concepts and principles that promote UAE’s development, heritage, and rich culture. He said the existing systems and processes must not compromise the values that should be taught to the youth.

Further, he said the ministry, through its designated and specialized management, will closely monitor any deviation from the country’s traditions and violations of the rules and regulations governing the school communities. He said the ministry will not tolerate any violation and it will apply the law and implementing regulations as necessary. Meanwhile, the ministry also extended their congratulations to this year’s batch of graduating students.

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