September 26, 2023

Transguard extends literacy initiative

DUBAI- Dubai-based business support services company, Transguard Group which has had extensive libraries at its staff accommodation facilities for more than a year, now wants to offer libraries to other companies in the region free of charge, through the Transguard Training Academy.

The initiative was set up by Gillian Cramb, Head of English at the Transguard Academy and there are now 13 libraries each with over 1,000 books. “We are extremely grateful to the second hand book chain, The House of Prose which very generously donates surplus books to us on a regular basis and we would really like to share their generosity with any other companies keen to provide libraries for their employees.”

2. Transguard employees enjoy reading books in the libraryGillian says that if a company can provide the space and the bookshelves, Transguard will deliver the books. “It’s a great way to improve literacy skills amongst expatriate workers and we are willing to offer free libraries to other companies that are keen to help their employees improve their English language skills.”

Transguard’s English language training initiative, which offers a choice of 22 proficiency courses from basic English to more advanced studies, witnessed almost 250 employees pass their literacy exam in 2013 and hopes to improve on that number this year.

All new staff members at Transguard are tested for English language proficiency and those who excel are encouraged to take a Cambridge University English exam to attain the internationally recognised IELTS certification.

“Our library facilities and language courses are incredibly popular with employees of all nationalities, last year we had an amazing response when we introduced a book review competition,” said Gillian.

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