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Top realty developers,investors eye IREIS 2014

ABU DHABI- DOME Exhibitions announced earlier this month that the next edition of the annual International Real Estate and Investment Show (IREIS 2014) will be held in Abu Dhabi from 20-22 November this year at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. The three-day real estate event, which will provide a snapshot into property markets in the Middle East, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, will include more than 100 exhibitors from over 30 countries and is expected to draw 15,000 visitors, many of them high net worth individuals.

8470d030ca3a07b2_orgThe sixth edition of this annual event will gather key investors, developers, financiers, property advisors, real estate consultants, architects as well as regional and international investment promotion authorities related to the real estate sector. It will feature a number of associated events including an international conference, country-specific presentations, business network meetings and investor meetings, among others.

According to World Population Review, the UAE has a very diverse population, of which 87% are expatriates and 13% are UAE nationals. IRES is aiming to leverage the strong presence of expatriates in UAE who are looking to buy properties in their home countries by attracting international real estate firms to showcase their latest offerings.  The show will also allow Abu Dhabi based investors who are seeking to invest in international markets to explore opportunities abroad by attending international conferences, investor meets and network seminars held on the sidelines of the event.

With migrants from different parts of the world flocking to the emirate on account of its peaceful political and flourishing business climate, the Abu Dhabi property market itself is on the threshold of immense growth as expatriates flock to make the right real estate investments. In this setting, IREIS 2014 will offer investors an opportunity to learn about and to purchase the finest property both within the emirate and outside.

Antoine Georges,Managing Director DOME Exhibitions, said: “We are delighted to present the sixth edition of IREIS in Abu Dhabi. IREIS has witnessed growth in line with the increasing number of people migrating to the capital city.”

“With Abu Dhabi’s population set to grow to 3.1 million people by 2030, the successful growth of the real estate sector is vital to the economy. Holding such an event here has become a sheer necessity to serve its growing population. Attracting some of the world’s most prominent players, IREIS 2014 will also seek to highlight opportunities and facilitate potential deals in international markets beyond the UAE.”

86f60acfe63b40bb_orgAttracting a migrant population from different parts of the world on account of its peaceful political environment and flourishing business climate, the emirate of Abu Dhabi is on the threshold of immense growth. IREIS 2014 will offer investors an opportunity to learn about and to purchase the finest property both within the emirate and outside in their own home countries. The combined government and private sector investment in Abu Dhabi’s real estate sector till 2030 is valued at an estimated AED600 billion. This provides immense opportunities for business people who are into the Real Estate field. For those wishing to enter the property market, the event will feature conferences to introduce the region’s investment authorities, builder’s authorities, investment zones and city councils.

IREIS 2014 will enable participating real estate developer’s access to the thousands of prospective buyers at the event. Besides, it will offer a valuable opportunity for builders to market their corporate brand to international media and investors.

Even as builders from the UAE and outside will make project presentations to announce their latest launches at IREIS 2014, potential buyers and investors can meet up with market experts and financiers to achieve their investment goals. The exhibition will also attract professionals such as architects and project designers. At the seminars that will be organized as part of the event, market leaders will explore new ideas to expand business into new and emerging markets.

DOME Exhibitions, organizers of IREIS 2014, hosts exhibitions in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and helping UAE businesses to extend their reach and to enhance their visibility on the global marketplace.

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