May, 2024

The Ultimate Wellness Escape At Velaa Private Island, Maldives

Velaa Private Island, the ultra-luxurious exclusive hideaway in Noonu Atoll, Maldives, invites guests to embrace health and wellness as a part of their luxury escape this year. Prepare to be immersed in a world of holistic wellness with Velaa Private Island’s Energising Programme. Bringing wellness to new heights this year, the private island will host visiting practitioners including the renowned Pilates trainer Dmitri Tkatchev from 15 March – 4 April, and Hypnotherapist Malminder Gill and Chinese medicine specialist Dr Song Qingging, who will both be on the island later this year. Golf enthusiast will be delighted to know that the Spanish golfer, Pablo Larrazabal will be doing a series of workshops from 21 – 27 March for all levels from novice to aspiring competitor.

The energising programme is complete with a health consultation including InBody analysis and skilled advice, followed by targeted treatments which is a harmonious balance between spa treatments, mindfulness, enthralling recreational activities, tailored fitness sessions and nutritional plans. The Energising Programme will be available until October this year.

Nestled in the Indian Ocean and surrounded by pristine blue waters, Velaa Private Island is the ideal choice for those looking for a path to wellness of body, mind and spirit, whilst being a world away from home. To ensure one enjoys the very best of the Maldives, the program is developed by highly trained fitness instructors, therapists specialized in offering blissful spa treatments, exceptional food and enjoyable land and water activities. The specially designed Velaa Energising Programme is a holistic approach, which is the need of the hour and focuses on fitness such as HIIT training, stand up kayaking, snorkelling, golfing etc., nutrition to include personalized meal plans, mind such as Cloud 9, yoga and meditation sessions and spa to include body wraps, massage etc.

The programme aims to replenish energy levels and empower participants to cultivate a mind-set of wellbeing. All activities have been designed by highly qualified specialists and therapists, enabling guests to leave fully restored and relaxed. Guests will be able to seamlessly integrate the practices and knowledge they gain throughout the program into their daily lives back home.

Land in your private jet at the Maafaru International Airport and be whisked away on Velaa’s luxury yacht in complete isolation or for those landing at the international airport, Velaa Private Island is offering all its guests complimentary CIP arrival and departure service at the airport to ensure a comfortable and relaxed experience without having to wait in long queues.

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