March 3, 2024

Strong competition in 5th week of Labour Sports Tournament

Sharjah, March 10, 2021- The fourth Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament, organized by the Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah witnessed a strong competition in its fifth week. With the participation of about 1000 players competing in football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, and cricket, the tournament is held on the playgrounds of Sharjah National Park. LSDA Chairman His Excellency Salem Youssef Al Qaseer attended the competitions, as 12 matches were played in football, basketball, and cricket, while the hockey competitions were postponed until next week as the volleyball matches were expected to play soon. The competition was observing the strict precautionary measures applied in sports activities in the country.


His Excellency Salem Al Qaseer expressed his satisfaction over the outstanding level of competitions, calling clubs to put the championship in their calendars to search for talented players in the tournament. He said, “Part of the significant progress of the tournament in the fourth edition is observing talented players who may contribute to feeding the country’s sports with distinguished talents. This makes the Sharjah Labour Sports Tournament an important addition to the general sports scene of the country.” He added that the authority welcomes those interested in exploring the sports talents, and invites them to watch the tournament. 


The results of the fifth week came as follows: In football, Fast and Commandos teams drew1-1, while the European Union beat Hala Medical Center 4-1, and with the same score, 4-1, the Burgurry team defeated Injazat Group and Adnoc team beat Sharjah Archaeology Authority, while Sharjah Cooperative Society degeated DXB 3-0.


In basketball, the Oragon team defeated the Bisdak 20-0, the Adnoc team defeated Sharjah Cooperative Society 60-57, and Blossoming beat Abu Shagarah 50-46.


In cricket, Adnoc Sharjah team beat Team OBS, Adnoc Ajman beat Dhaid Municipality, Sharjah Archaeology beat Adnoc Dubai and Sharjah Copperativ defeated Dhaid Municipality.


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