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Star International School Al Twar Achieves The Highest Ranking by KHDA for its Distance Learning Program

14 February, 2021, Dubai United Arab Emirates—Star International School Al Twar, a bespoke Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary British school in Dubai, begins the second school term celebrating its strong academic achievements with its new KHDA ranking for its distance learning program. This British curriculum school has had a successful first term after opening its doors with a blended learning approach to suit its student body amid a pandemic. In this year, the school looks forward to continue offering its quality education by using unique, innovative methods to support its students in the current climate.

Due to the changes brought about by the pandemic, schools have been forced to adapt and incorporate new teaching styles when it comes to education. As part of the school’s efforts to be a progressive educational institution, Star Al Twar adopted new methods to bring the at-home learning experience to life through activities that students can engage in as if they were on campus. Teachers created virtual trips through film and photography to captivate students, and extracurricular activities which could be carried out within the home continued to take place. Implementation of the school’s new strategies did not go unnoticed, as it achieved the highest ranking by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) for its distance learning program. In the last year, Star Al Twar has attained a number of achievements for its school programs and academic results. The school’s student body has accomplished outstanding GCSE results proving the quality of the education system at the institution, and the KHDA’s classification of the school has maintained itself at “Good”, one of the top two highest rankings.

More than a school, Star International Al Twar is a community for families and its faculty members. With the enrollment of about 500 students from over 43 nationalities, staff are able to provide students with a personalized learning experience through a holistic approach, which ensures the curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of its students for academic and vocational pathways. Star Al Twar’s foundation is built on nine qualities which the community prides itself on: success, tolerance, ambition, resilience, loyalty, inclusivity, gratefulness, honesty, and thoughtfulness. These qualities are cultivated in all of Star Al Twar’s students and used to aid students’ personal and social development. Above all, Star Al Twar is highly committed to inclusion and their motto stating that, “no child gets left behind.”

“Our very first GCSE results last year set a new benchmark for us. Our students achieved outstanding results, and I am so proud of the commitment of our school’s secondary teachers who motivated the Year 10s and 11s through our 100-day plan.” shared Principal Dolly Goriawala. “This past term was a challenge for us, as for any school having to adapt to new methods to keep teaching our students from home. But the motivation from our teachers to create syllabi tailored for distance learning has translated into recognition from the KHDA for our efforts.”

Star International School Al Twar is a family school with faculty and staff working alongside parents and the wider community to offer its children the best opportunities it possibly can. Placing an emphasis on happiness, positivity, and the well-being of its pupils and their academic careers, Star Al Twar looks forward to welcoming students through its doors throughout the year.

Confident in its academic performance and the success of its students, Star Al Twar has gained KHDA approval to launch its Post-16/Key Stage 5 program. Starting Sept.2021, Year 11 students will seamlessly move on to Year 12 (A/S Levels), and then to Year 13 (A Levels). Star Al Twar offers vocational subjects (BTEC) as well as GCSEs. They use a teaching style that is training and work-based combined with digitally-enhanced learning.

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