June, 2024

RTA launches contest for Best Image to post on NOL cards

DUBAI- The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the launch of a contest through social media channels to source the Best Image for posting on NOL cards.

The move is part of RTA’s endeavours to engage the users of these channels in promoting tourism in Dubai through Crowd Sourcing to encourage them use their creative imagination in capturing the most stunning shots & picturesque scenes in the Emirate that showcase the gorgeous and civilized profile of the Emirate. Images captured can be uploaded through the hash tag (#NOLGRAM).

Moza Al Murri
Moza Al Murri

Ms. Moza Al Murri, Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication at the RTA, said: “The contest aims at bringing more diversity to the design and shape of NOL cards through enticing social network users, who are dominating the media, where contestants can send their best shots in any field about Dubai through the hash tag provided. The winning photo will be posted on NOL cards and the name as well as the image of the winner will be announced through RTA social networking channels. Conditions of the contest include that images have to be created by contestants themselves, and the winning photo shall be owned by the RTA exclusively and must not be used by others.”

“The RTA had previously issued NOL cards in Gold, Silver and Blue categories displaying heritage & modern landmarks of the Dubai Emirate as a means of acquainting visitors and residents with the iconic features of the Dubai Emirate. “

“In this contest the RTA is offering a new photography category with the aim of broadening the scope of youth participation and benefiting from their sense of creativity in developing a distinctive shape for NOL cards capable of enhancing the beauty and exclusivity of these cards. A specialist technical committee has been set up to sort out and select images conforming to the standards of the contest in terms of high quality and scope confined to the Emirate of Dubai,” she added.


“The contest consists of photos of relevance to the heritage of Dubai such as Sheikh Saeed House, traditional Souks, Shandagha area, abras and other images pertaining to the national identity and authentic traditions of the Dubai Emirate. It also covers the dazzling neighbourhoods dotting the city such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, Parks, Beaches and other new tourist attractions.”

“The scope of the contest also includes diverse public transit means in Dubai such as the metro and the marine transit modes featured by marvelous beauty such as the Dubai Ferry, Water Taxi, and the Water Bus. It also includes shots of childish nature and scene depicting the same creative sense in the world of children. “

“The Emirati woman will also be part of the scope of the contest as women have glorious past and effective role in enriching the culture of the local community besides maintaining the spirit and authenticity of our ancient history. The Best Image contest also includes the modern sports world, particularly as Dubai hosts a variety of sports; which opens the door for contributing the best images in terms of attractiveness or fun,” elaborated Moza.

“The RTA is keen on making every effort towards thrashing ideas underscoring its drive for creativity and unleashing creative skills through communicating with community segments via social networks. It remains to be said that the Best Image for NOL cards epitomes RTA’s drive to add a touch of beauty to its service offering,” said the Director of RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication in a final remark.

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