April, 2024

RTA to kick off 3rd Knowledge Fair marked by innovative, smart events

DUBAI- The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is launching on the first of June this year the 3rd Knowledge Fair organized by its Development & Corporate Performance Department under the theme (Smart Knowledge Management Sets the Path Ahead). The event, which runs through June 5th, encompasses a diverse cast of distinctive activities such as lectures, awareness & cultural quizzes and discussion panels where a bunch of external speakers will share their knowledge and leadership skills.

Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes
Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes

Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, CEO of RTA Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector, said: “Holding the Knowledge Fair on an annual basis bears reference to the success of the past two editions of the event which has hit the targets set, particularly as the RTA is rolling out a plethora of events & activities of relevance to the promotion of knowledge among employees in order to optimize the use of knowledge resources and support decision-making in a bid to realize the concept of the Learning Organization.

“The Show comprises a number of innovative events featuring a host of knowledge discussion panels such as the knowledge economy, national knowledge, SMES, universities & e-learning, kids corner, celebrities gallery, creativity, Expo, knowledge café, books donation, intelligence test & information challenge, live training corner, and RTA Agenda 2014. The event will also showcase RTA’s initiatives in the field of corporate knowledge such as tacit knowledge transfer techniques and the electronic transition in keeping with the knowledge and digital economy drive,” stated Abdul Mohsen.

Shedding light on lectures to be held during the Fair in RTA’s Auditorium, Younes said: “On Sunday June 1st the Knowledge Map will be launched along with a lecture about Knowledge Economy, and on Monday (June 2nd) the Rail Forum will be held in collaboration with several universities. On Tuesday an open discussion panel will be held hosting a number of external speakers from the Dubai Police and the Dubai Courts, followed by a lecture about Knowledge Economy. On Wednesday (June 4th) a lecture entitled ‘Be Formula 1’ will be delivered followed by the closing final ceremony of the Scientific Research Award; which is held for the second year in a row. The final day of the Fair will see the closing ceremony and the presentation of trophies to participants.”

“We are keen to make this round of the Knowledge Fair stand out from the last two editions through organizing an array of fabulous events in the field of knowledge and how to enhance it. Such a move is particularly important as it epitomizes RTA’s drive towards knowledge and how to gain it, and illustrates its efforts in this indispensable field for elevating the government performance in terms of enriching the career mindset and leveraging knowledge & informational faculties,” said the CEO of RTA Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector in a concluding remark.

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