June 2, 2023

RTA briefs Libyan delegation on transport strategic plans, leadership programs

DUBAI- The Roads and Transport (RTA) recently received a visiting delegation from Leaders Preparation Program (4th Division) in Libya, in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government. The visit aimed at familiarizing with the leading role played by the RTA in grooming its employees and nurturing their skills towards taking up leading position in the context of achieving excellence and leadership.

Ibrahim Al Haddad
Ibrahim Al Haddad

At the start of the visit, Ibrahim Al Haddad, Director of Commercial and Investment, RTA Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector, welcomed the visiting delegation in the context of exchanging knowledge and experience with a view to pushing up the quality of deliverables to the highest standards of quality and excellence. “The RTA provides a perfect environment for career progression and empowering young Emiratis to take up key leading positions that contribute to realizing the ambitious vision and strategic objectives. Qiyadi program, which was launched by the RTA in 2009, is considered a systematic scientific review of capabilities such that it assists with polishing of employees’ skills and knowledge in order to groom them for taking roles and responsibilities within the administrative hierarchy,” he said.

During the meeting a visual presentation was made casting light on the vision, mission, organizational chart and corporate framework of the RTA along with a thorough explanation of the strategic planning framework, and roads and transport strategic plan. It stressed the integration and comprehensiveness of the plan in terms of revamping roads network, and mass transit modes i.e. buses, trains, marine transport and taxis. The presentation also touched on improved roads network which was extended from 8715 lane-km in 2006, to 12,454 lane-km in 2013, and pointed that RTA’s achievements and development projects contributed to huge savings in time and fuel to the tune of more than 70 billion dirham since the establishment of the RTA up to the end of 2013.

The meeting also discussed long term and short term future plans of roads network, and improvement of public transport and taxis; which resulted in increasing public transport ridership from 163 million riders in 2006 to 446 million riders in 2013. Discussions also  covered future plans and projects of the rail system and Dubai Tram along with a briefing about the master plans for constructing hundreds kilometers-long cycling tracks and pedestrian walkways.

The presentation also shed light on RTA’s achievements in the field of traffic safety and environmental initiatives as well as plans developed as regards financial sustainability, and asset sustainability in addition to a short account about Expo 2020, and RTA’s plan in addressing various requirements of roads and transport.

Another visual presentation was made about Qiyadi Program launched in 2009 to qualify and train Emirati leaders and groom young cadres of the first and second generation to assume leading positions and contribute to the realization of the ambition vision and strategic objectives of the RTA in a time frame that ranges from one to two years. An explanation was also made for the standards of selecting nominees for the program, techniques adopted, and the deliverables of the first and second editions of the Program.

At the end of the meeting, the work team escorted the visiting delegation in a tour of RTA Gallery; which hosts models that emulate the development projects that had been undertaken by the RTA during the previous years, be it in public transport, marine transport, and the metro. The delegation commended this substantial effort which illustrates the keenness of the RTA to play a leading role in steering the development of Dubai. They reiterated the need for all other entities and external bodies to follow suit in making such a marvelous gallery.

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