December 11, 2023

Royal India Wellness introduced at Arabian Travel Market through Soukya stand

DUBAI-“Royal India Wellness is a luxury platform aimed at taking tourism cooperation between the UAE/GCC and India to the next level. India has a number of world-class hotels, resorts and wellness products and services. India has also evolved itself as a luxury destination offering the ultimate luxury services to the high end travelers. Indian destination management companies are offering luxury door-to-door services to high-end travelers such as those from the Middle East”, said Ms. Gayathri Bhardwaj of Royal India Wellness.

India is a global trendsetter in the Wellness Tourism segment. India stands at the forefront of today’s global spa and wellness market, alluring domestic and international visitors alike with the time-honored traditions of Ayurveda and high quality, affordable medical tourism. India is perceived worldwide as one of the true spiritual homes of the modern wellness movement and has a powerful and preferred wellness destination’ with its ancient, rich history of Ayurveda, yoga and holistic healing.

Introducing Royal India Wellness at Arabian Travel Market through Soukya, the platform spoke on the enhancement of the wellness path between UAE and India and GCC and the Indian sub-continent.

Dr. Isaac Mathai, Founder and Owner of Soukya, endorsed Royal India Wellness said,”It is important to educate the high-end wellness tourists from United Arab Emirates and GCC. High –end tourism in wellness is a very strategic path of learning and information which is inevitable for complete G2wholeness of the body. It is important to know the whole history of the person before getting down to treatment. This is the real reason why high-end wellness is a very distinct industry and it needs to be explored well by media and visitors. Therefore the platform Royal India Wellness is a great thought and I endorse the same.”

Dr. Isaac Mathai, has a 20-acre farm which spells organic produce and guests to ‘SOUKYA’ have the privilege to be treated to high-end wellness in the most relaxed surroundings.

Gayathri Bhardwaj said,”Poised to become the fifth largest consumer market globally by 2020, India demonstrates all the demographic advantages of an ideal market for leading international spa and wellness brands. India’s total wellness market is valued at USD $11 billion in 2011 and forecasted that it would surpass USD $18 billion (INR 1 trillion) in the next four years. The Wellness Tourism segment is estimated to grow nearly 50 per cent faster than global tourism by 2017. India is poised to be number one globally for growth in Wellness Tourism over the next five years, clocking over 20 per cent gains annually through 2017.  This projection presents extensive opportunities for the wellness and spa market to imagine facilities that will not only serve existing customers but also capture new segments by going beyond traditional spa services with more innovative, exclusive, and distinctive offerings.”

The overall wellness market in India is estimated at INR 490 billion and wellness services alone comprise 40% of this market. However, it is still less than two per cent of the global wellness industry. It is interesting to note how this industry has used the business potential of traditional Indian practices and home remedies. Adjacent industries such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, among others, are assimilating wellness as part of their value proposition, opening up huge opportunities going forward. We believe that with the active involvement of the government and private participants, the wellness industry in India can create visible impact on a global scale. Wellness is becoming an integral part of the shift from remedial to preventive care. Low entry barriers and growth potential of the wellness industry in India has attracted international players. Hospitals are transcending from being a pure curative care healthcare provider to becoming a holistic wellness care provider and moving towards preventive care. Wellness offerings made by five star hotels are driving incremental revenues in hospitality. Education facilities for wellness industry are being designed based on the demand for trained professionals in the booming wellness industry.

“Our vision with Royal India Wellness is to offer opportunities to the Middle East traveler seeking wellness-based vacations, a platform to make informed choices. Royal India Wellness will offer products and services that strike the balance between authentic indigenous treatments that excite the international traveler, and more modern, luxe, ‘international’ styles of spas and products that appeal to the Arab and expatriate tourist from the Gulf”,she concluded.

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