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“Red Bull Air Race The Game” gives smartphones and tablets wings starting in September

SALZBURG– Starting in September, smartphone and tablet users can sit behind the controls of genuine racing planes, everywhere and any time.

Red Bull Media House today(August 14th) announced the release of the new mobile game “Red Bull Air Race The Game” for iOS and Android.

unnamed (1)At the beginning of September, the action-packed arcade racing game, developed by Roadhouse Interactive, will introduce players all over the globe to the world’s fastest motor sport series.

Flights will be on the virtual versions of the real routes of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, which is contested by the 12 best pilots in the world on four continents. “Red Bull Air Race The Game” will be available for free download on the App Store and Google Play from September 4th, 2014 in German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian.

“Red Bull Air Race The Game” puts players right into the exciting world of this breathtaking motor sport. Along with the Austrian favorite Hannes Arch and the current world champion Paul Bonhomme from the United Kingdom, over the course of the game players must also face some of the 12 pilots from the Red Bull Air Race in one of six original aircraft.

The tutorial kicks thing off, familiarizing players with the controls before switching to the pilot camp in Brazil to best prepare for the racing season. There, players must complete a variety of tasks, such as finishing a perfect round, before then changing to career mode.

That is where the hunt for the Red Bull Air Race world championship begins, in real locations on real courses. Each of these courses –whether in the USA, Abu Dhabi, or Malaysia – naturally has its own tricks and the pilots and planes can face up to 10 Gs.

That calls for quick reactions and sure instincts to maneuver the aircraft through the tight curves and loops as quickly as possible. In the virtual hangar, players can equip their planes with new paint jobs and upgrades that provide even more speed and aerodynamics.

Those who have more fun in thrilling duels rather than a career as a pilot can try out the global Tournament Mode, in which they face other “Red Bull Air Race The Game” pilots from all over the world. The game’s racing mode follows the same steps as the real Red Bull Air Race: Training, Qualifying, Top 12, Super 8, and Final 4.

Whether in one of the 200 total races, events, or exciting pilot duels, “Red Bull Air Race The Game” demand a fine touch to be able to claim the winner’s cup for yourself in the global Red Bull Air Race racing series. Music from AWOLNATION, Blitz Kids, Five Knives, Heaven’s Basement, and Beartooth provides the right kick in the air.

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