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Qatar's National Strategy Forum for Research calling for strengthening cooperation to achieve the vision of Qatar 2030

DOHA- Qatar National Research Strategy Forum – 2014 has called for promotion of cooperation in order to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030. 

This came during the Forum’s third session, which was organized by Research and Development at Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) with the participation of representatives of the strategy’s various stakeholders and partners as well as representatives of the academia and government organizations and research institutes in the country. 

The Forum provided an ideal platform for the exchange of ideas between participants, and discussions over possible solutions to address the major challenges facing the research sector in Qatar, with an emphasis on the importance of adhering to the strengthening of cooperation between the various stakeholders, to implement the Qatar National Research Strategy. 

QNA_Faisal_Alsuwaidi_QF_17052014President of Research and Development at QF Faisal Al Suwaidi underlined the importance of partnership and cooperation between the various stakeholders involved in the field research, in line with the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030 to ensure alignment between the objectives of all sectors, calling on participants to maintain fruitful cooperation to push research efforts of the state to a more developed level. 

Al Suwaidi said the Forum focuses on the exchange of ideas and the strengthening of relationships with partners, saying “since its inception in 2012, we have been to provide a platform for interaction and communication with the various stakeholders, so that this annual meeting will serve as a motivation to achieve our goals and priorities in the field of research, in line with the Qatar National Research Strategy.”

He added: “We are moving in the right direction and I am confident that this joint effort will play an influential role in the future of research in the state.” For his part, General Manager of Qatar Electricity and Water Company Fahd Hamad Al Mohannadi stressed the importance of cooperation between the different parties, due to its positive impact on the future of research in the state. 

He also underlined the importance of achieving close cooperation between all parties, especially in the electricity and water sector, as this has a direct impact on the society and the economy of the state, pointing to the significance of cooperation with Qatar Foundation in the development of effective mechanisms that will realize practical and concrete results in the next few years. Al Mohannadi expressed confidence that this hard work will lay strong foundations of a sustainable future for all.-QNA

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