May 30, 2023

Qatar nominated to host World Championship of Artistic Gymnastics in '18

KUWAIT- The Advisory Board and Executive Office of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) have voted unanimously in favor of accepting Qatar’s bid to host the 48th World Championship of Artistic Gymnastics in 2018.

1037bee2-83e8-403d-98c2-cc292e812a1fThe voting was conducted in a crucial meeting for the federation’s Advisory Board and Executive Office held in Kuwait Saturday. According to FIG regulation, around 21 members from FIG Executive Office and 23 members from the Advisory council have to decide the host nation through secret voting on the bids of applicant cities.

Prior to the final announcement, Saturday’s decision requires approval of the FIG General Assembly which will convene later this year in Azerbaijan.

In first reaction to the voting outcome, Secretary General of the Qatar Olympic Committee Sheikh Saud Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said his country is keen on organizing the biggest international tournaments in different games, especially that Qatar possesses distinct facilities and technical staff that would enable Qatar to host the biggest sporting events in the world.

Sheikh Saud added that his country would ensure the success of the tournament from various technical and regulatory aspects.
He thanked members of the federations for supporting his country’s bid to host such a significant international event. -KUNA

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