May, 2024

Prince El Hassan bin Talal warns against hatred discourse

MANAMA- The President of the Arab Thought Forum (ATF) Prince El Hassan bin Talal said the world is going through difficult times, as violence has overcome dialogue, warning that the hatred discourse has become a money-generating industry for a small group of people.

Prince El Hassan bin Talal
Prince El Hassan bin Talal

He said that the hatred discourse fuels sedition and leads to conflicts and wars and stressed the need to focus on the moderation and pluralism of humanity advocated by Islam. “We cannot continue to claim that we are moderate if we do not spread the moderate values of Islam and the respect of diversity.”

He added that the dialogue among cultures does not pass through the abandonment of identity which reflects privacy, and it does not mean the monopoly of the global mode.

Prince El Hassan said that the increasing concentration on race, sects or religion is not the product of religion, but the result of the financial and social problems created by the imbalance in the understanding of diversity and pluralism.

He added that to achieve a successful dialogue among cultures and civilisations, there should be a belief in others and respect for privacy and equality among the dialogue parties.-BNA

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