May, 2024

Pioneering skincare brand SK-II makes Middle Eastern debut in Dubai

DUBAI- For more than 30 years, SK-II has touched the lives of millions of women around the world by inspiring them with the miracle of crystal clear skin and the optimism it brings to their lives. Now, women across the Middle East can finally get their hands on the luxury skincare line and reap the benefits of its miracle ingredient: Pitera. SK-II is exclusively available in the Paris Gallery outlet at The Dubai Mall.

Essential PowerSK-II is one of the world’s most renowned beauty brands. The fascinating story behind the coveted brand originated many years ago in Japan by a chance observation; it was there that scientists noticed that, while the elderly workers in a factory had wrinkled faces, their hands had remained remarkably soft and youthful.

Following years of in-depth research, these scientists managed to isolate the miracle ingredient Pitera– a naturally-derived liquid extracted from the yeast fermentation process. Since its discovery in the 1970s, Pitera has earned a stellar reputation as a powerful ingredient for skin, transforming it across the five dimensions of texture, radiance, firmness, spot control and wrinkle resilience to crystal clarity. The truth is that the skin experts at SK-II go to great lengths to ensure every drop of Pitera produced is of optimal quality.

A perfectly controlled process – unchanged for over 30 years – and stringent protocols are designed to provide only the most ideal environment to cultivate the natural derivation of Pitera, a testament to the uncompromising dedication that goes into crafting this precious ingredient.

Today, SK-II with Pitera has become a special secret shared by celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Kate Bosworth, as well as countless other women who believe that beauty is transformative – as skin changes, feelings change and life changes. For these women, life is indeed beautiful with crystal clear skin.

With one of the leading bestseller in all SK-II markets, SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence is a must try product. With over 90 percent Pitera – the miracle ingredient, it can transform your skin to crystal clear.

Other products of the line-up include the Facial Treatment Mask, Essential Power Cream and Cellumination Essence EX.

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