April, 2024

Panasonic launches Middle East’s largest air-volume humidifying air purifier

DUBAI- A worldwide increase in the number of asthma sufferers is particularly acute in the Gulf States, researchers have found. The increasing prevalence of asthma across the Middle East, due to the fast changing environmental conditions is also a cause of major concern.

In line with these alarming reports, Panasonic is determined to help combat the rapid increase and prevalence of respiratory diseases and has launched the Middle East’s largest air-volume humidifying air purifier the F-VXK90M.

Unveiled at a gala ceremony at the beautiful Bab Al Shams Resort & Spa, amidst the pristine set-up of an Arabic theme, this new Air Purifier by Panasonic is a nanoe powered, high-end premium model that is especially tailor-made to suit the requirements of the Middle Eastern consumers.

SNK_1769Speaking at the launch and whilst announcing the new product, Mr Hiroo Ikeda, General Manager, Eco Solutions Division, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa, said, “An estimated 300 million people have been diagnosed with asthma, with an expected increase to 400 million by 2025, according to the data from the World Health Organization. Reports also clearly indicate that there has been undoubtedly an increased prevalence of asthma in the MENA region over the past several decades. Air purifiers can be very beneficial to asthma patients and to non-asthmatic patients as it is used to remove impurity from indoor air. With this new product we are committed to providing a healthy lifestyle.”

With a sleek and stylish outer body, the new air purifier is designed intricately with an inbuilt pre-filter which is washable and fitted to protect against the sand storm. Every new model of this air purifier comes with an additional filter that can be changed later in-order to serve you long and efficiently. The model is also equipped with 5 sensors: Human motion, Light, Humidity, Odor and Dirt sensors.

The Panasonic patented nanoe technology embedded within the Air Purifier emits long-life micro particles wrapped in water molecules which can penetrate into fabrics thoroughly and reach in far corners to decompose viruses and allergens. OH radicals in nanoe particles inhibit odor by attracting hydrogen from odor particle. These nanoe particles are tiny enough to penetrate into clothes or any fabrics. Experiments have proven that the nanoe technology is effective in inhibiting mold and bringing a fresh living environment.

The HEPA filters, which are composed of high quality and randomly arranged fibers, are also worth commending within this model. Panasonic’s HEPA Filters quipped with Super Alleru Buster, Green Tea Catechin & Anti Bacteria Enzyme enhance purifying function inhibiting 17 kinds of virus, bacteria and allergen up to 99%.

Likewise the humidifying filter within the Air Purifiers does not get jammed easily, retaining a large amount of moisture and enabling easy vaporization. It also helps keep skin hydrated and has the maximum humidifying capacity of 830ml / Hour. It also has a large opening to the 4.2L water tank which is easy to clean even at the bottom.

Air PurifierAnother unique feature within the F-VXK90M is the “Mega Catcher”that facilitates powerful suction of dusts within 30cm above the floor. The “Mega Catcher” opens when house dusts&allergens are detected.

Among the different features of  the Panasonic F-VXK90M ,Eco-navigator function is perhaps one that should be highlighted. This feature enables the air purifier to act like having its own mind. The intelligent sensors reduce the consumption of energy and also operate automatically before pollutants spread inside the room, therefore reducing the need for stronger air volume after they disperse. Similarly, the air purifier has the capacity to sense the activity from human movements to adjust the suction power. It helps to prevent pollutants and dusts from spread out due to human movements by advance suction.

Last but not the least, equipped with an energy saving light sensor, the Air Purifier has an indication panel that highlights the condition of air within the room.

The Air Purifier will available in a glossy black finish with an Arabic Mosaic Pattern will be made available across the Middle East through leading electronic stores.

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