March 3, 2024

Our Habitat!

We as parents always want best for our children, but are we doing the right? Some times I have sleepless nights thinking what are we doing as Humans? Its as simple as – anything manufactured on this earth stays here! Either it decomposes or stays in the form that it was produced. Lately it has been noticed that the era we are living in, we are producing more products that take longer or sometimes do not decompose at all. This has created acres of land filled with waste. Because as I said ones any product is produced its not going anywhere.

 Talking about food waste, I am sure we all have read so many reports on lack of food in certain parts of the world. Young children dying of hunger. According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG) global response to food waste is inadequate and fragmented.

 Each year, 1.6bn tonnes of food worth approximately $1.2m goes to waste which is roughly about one third of the food produced globally. This is set to rise by 2030 to 2.1bn tonnes, that is 66 tonnes per second of thrown away or wasted food.

It is unlikely that the target set by UN to halve food waste will be met by 2030 unless some drastic measures are taken globally. There are many factors affecting the rise of food waste such as increase in wealth, increase in food demand, more diverse food, increase in demand of food not grown locally etc. This is only food waste we are talking about, think about so many other unnecessary items that are produced to be thrown away.

 Activists around the world are protesting, demanding governments to take action to combat climate change. But why are we expecting only governments to take action? This is our world and we should responsibility. Running behind materialistic things is adversely affecting our planet, our family and our well being. Small changes in food habits, buying and spending habits could make this world more habitat friendly.

 I remember as a child, me using and wearing my elder sisters clothes and toys. My dad bought us just one bike that we all sisters used. Growing up I used to get excited when a dress that was not fitting my sister anymore would come to me. On my birthday my mum used to make my favourite food, I never expected my parents to buy me an expensive present. For us as children their love and time was more precious than anything else.

 This same thing I am trying with my children. I have hardly purchased any toys for my children, even on special occasions I make it a point that I would take them out for excursions rather then buying plastic. Yes but would admit that I do not hesitate to by them reading books. Firstly by adopting to the new, we have excellent time with family which creates great memories, secondly while outside there is always something new that we get to explore and last but not the least its environment friendly. After all, we would not want not leave a polluted planet behind for our generations to come.



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