March 2, 2024

Omnix International to address growing demand for ‘BIM Design Solutions’ training in the UAE

DUBAI- Omnix International has expressed confidence in meeting the growing demand for Building Information Modeling (BIM) design solutions trainings in the UAE.

With the country recently winning the bid to host Expo 2020, industry analysts have forecasted an influx of construction projects over the next few years, which in turn, will also create more demand for BIM Solutions and design professionals proficient in the software.

The foreseen increase has encouraged the company to leverage its diverse portfolio of design solutions across the UAE’s rapidly growing construction segment.

Omnix International is now looking towards focusing on providing state-of-the-art BIM solutions and training for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries.

According to a recent MEED report, the GCC construction industry is worth USD 1.3 trillion. The report estimates the current value of live civil construction projects to be just over USD 1.3 trillion, with USD 935 billion in execution including long-term megaprojects; USD 81 billion out to tender; USD 211 billion in design phases and USD 136 billion under study.

According to Omnix International senior executives, the company is focusing on the implementation and promotion of Autodesk solutions in the field of CADD and BIM across new markets.

In fact, the UAE’s recent win to host Expo 2020 has already led to a surge in the number of both private and public infrastructure developments and the recommencement of work on stalled projects.

Projects valued at more than USD 12 billion have resumed construction work in the UAE over the past 18 months with more expected to get the green light this year, according to MEED Projects.

The emergence of BIM reflects a paradigm shift for the AutoCAD led construction industry–showcasing how design technology can optimize project costs, enhance sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings and also guarantee higher ROI for owners and operators.

Utilizing BIM across these projects will allow users to completely explore a project’s physical and functional characteristics digitally before it is built – thereby assuring timely delivery and huge cost savings. 

Dr. Jayant Deshpande
Dr. Jayant Deshpande

“There is an evident technology shift in today’s construction industry – through the introduction of BIM technology – where energy efficient, sustainable and green projects have been identified as the main drivers of growth in 2014. BIM technology is here to stay and will continue to revolutionise the creation, management and execution of today’s major projects,” said Dr. Jayant Deshpande, Director – CAD Division, Omnix International.

“Our continued growth and the vibrancy of the construction industry has given us the confidence to aim for stronger market presence in the UAE and the rest of the region. Rest assured that we will remain steadfast in our commitment to provide the latest and revolutionary technology for our AEC customers.”

Omnix International has been involved with CADD for more than two decades now–recognized as a pioneer in implementing and distributing AutoCAD in the Middle East.

Also cited as a pioneer in the distribution,  implementation and servicing of Autodesk products in the Middle East, the company continues to reinforce its presence in the region with key facilities and increased staff strength, which are made up of highly skilled specialist in the fields of architecture, engineering, Geographical Information Systems and land development.

Lastly, the company also offers state-of-the-art labs and classes for training facilitated by Autodesk certified instructors with over 10,000 hours of teaching experience.

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