May, 2024

Monte Carlo Stars introduces novel concept in UAE’s hospitality sector

DUBAI-  Monte Carlo Stars (MCS) has introduced a novel concept in the UAE hospitality sector — housewives can add their own dishes to the menu, supervised by the restaurant’s head Chef. The aim is to add new flavours to diversify the culinary offering.

Housewives can share their unique dishes with the head Chef of Monte Carlo Stars, who will be authorised to take a decision on adding it to the restaurant’s main menu, bearing the name of the person submitting it.

Ibrahim Al Sheikh
Ibrahim Al Sheikh

“The UAE community loves home cuisine.  That’s why we decided to bring a touch of home cooking to enrich the dining experience for our customers,” Ibrahim Al Sheikh, General Manager, Monte Carlo Stars Dubai said. “We are willing to consider recipes of all types of cuisines from the region and around the world.”

“This is the not the first time we have introduced such unique ideas at MCS. Football fans at our restaurant were able to select dishes from various competing countries during the recently concluded World Cup 2014. We always strive to infuse new ideas into the hospitality sector,” Al Sheikh added.

The new dishes will be added under a new section in the main course menu.

“This is an opportunity for cuisine-passionate housewives to share their cooking expertise. It will give them good exposure as we will keep their dishes on the menu for a few months. We will also keep track of the popularity ratings of their dish and announce the results at the end of this campaign,” Al Sheikh said.

“Monte Carlo Stars is more than just a restaurant; it is a truly unique entertainment alternative for families and friends of all ages. The menu includes a wide variety of Mediterranean and international dishes as well as steaks, and fresh seafood all delivered to customers with 5 star standards and competitive prices,” added Al Sheikh.   

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