July, 2024

Migrants are coming!

There are many theories that could be implied when talking about migration of humans around the globe. We tend to hear this word a lot these days. Everyone seems to be worried, both, the migrants as well as the country where they might travel to.

Lets take a step back and think why the world goes through these phases? Migration is not something new to the world, its going on since human existence. Records of Human migrations have shown transformation of the entire aspects of lands and continents and the racial, ethnic and linguistic composition of their populations. According to the records maintained by Britannica Encyclopedia, The Era of European colonies saw 60 million overseas migrations of Europeans. But the real change came when the world saw, the largest migration in history ‘The Great Atlantic Migration’ in 1840’s. The records show that until 1980’s around 37 million Europeans had made their migration journey. This carried on during and after the time of world war I and II.

 Slave migrations and mass expulsions cannot be left behind while we talk about migration. This is usually down played and we all know the reasons behind it. Talking about the 20th and 21st Centuries, we now see refugees fleeing war mainly from Afghanistan and Syria which approximately totalled to 8-10 million by 2010.

 World has seen two types of migrations – First, Economic and second lack of safety. Presently we can clearly see, a disproportion of wealth distribution in the world. Humans have a natural inclination towards a better lifestyle. Lack of opportunity and hunger for a better living leads to migration. Secondly lets talk about lack of safety. This is something that has caused major waves of migration around the world. Countries such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Palestine, China, India, Africa are just a few names where we see unrest.

Nobody would like to leave their family, friends and the place where there grew up. Its a hard choice to make but necessary to have a better future. We all need to remember that while these migrants make their journey they become victims of discrimination, human trafficking, face emotional and financial exploitation and high risk of life.

 Is it time that the world leaders came together to find some real solutions to these problems? Could we have a war free world? Could there be opportunities for us all? Could we have a free world? Or is it just a dream to have a life of peace and harmony?





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