May 30, 2023

LG unveils “airports of the future” concept

DUBAI- LG Electronics is fast consolidating its leadership position in the MEA airport signage sector by unveiling some of the most cutting-edge solutions that allow airports in the region to “inform and engage” their customers, while enhancing the overall passenger experience.

The digital leader’s latest product portfolio empowers transiting passengers to interact and connect through dynamic online marketing tools such as social media feeds. With the region’s aviation sector witnessing explosive growth, LG is set to introduce some of the most innovative concepts for “airports of the future”, with an emphasis on enhancing passenger experience and improving airport traffic.

LG Airport Show 1Speaking at the Airport Show 2014, taking place at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre, from May 11-13, Kevin Cha, MEA President at LG Electronics, said, “Worldwide, airports are constantly exploring effective and imaginative solutions to communicate with their customers and increase retail sales, in a constrained environment. LG is helping airports and other verticals worldwide to bridge the gap between traditional media and online marketing by incorporating data-driven digital signage into their marketing strategies.”

Cha added that the region’s airport sector, which accounts for approximately 15 per cent of LG’s digital signage market in the Middle East and Africa, has witnessed explosive growth in recent years with regional governments investing heavily to develop their airport infrastructure.

This year, LG won multi-million dollar contracts to deploy digital signage solutions at high-traffic airports such as Dubai Airport Terminal 1 and Concourse 4, Dubai Airport International Hotel and many more across the Middle East and Africa.

“With the Middle East emerging as one of the fastest growing travel hubs in the world, regional governments are keen to build the most advanced airports that can sustain the high traffic,” Cha said. “Other than using essential displays for flight information, baggage sections and important announcements, airport authorities are now deploying digital signage to generate revenue through advertising and online marketing, while using them for crowd management inside the terminals.”

At this year’s Airport Show, LG will once again address civil aviation authorities, systems integrators, partners, consultants, and existing and potential customers, showcasing its strong product portfolio. The solutions are designed to provide optimum scalability and user interface, with 24/7 efficiency.

At the event, LG will showcase its comprehensive range of slim design signage solutions including displays with the narrowest bezels at 3.5mm. At the same time, these “super-slim bezel” displays render some of the most impressive large, detailed images. Decreasing the width of the bezel makes the lines between each monitor almost seamless. Among the new displays making their debut in the Middle East will be the 55-inch LS55A ultra-high definition display, with a web-based platform (WebOS) that supports HTML5 and allows seamless and versatile integration of the solutions in all installations.

With a focus on higher brightness, best picture quality and energy-efficient displays, the digital leader continues to set the benchmark in information, interactivity and social media for airports. Powered by some of the most sophisticated display software, these solutions contribute to improve the overall customer experience at such high-traffic areas. Additionally, LG will also showcase display solutions that have shown considerable success in managing passenger traffic inside the terminals.

LG is confident that its new product line-up and innovation will further reinforce its leadership position in the digital signage market and believes that the increasing number of new venues and retail environments in the region will further propel its growth in the digital signage sector.

LG is committed to offer comprehensive technology solutions with the latest digital signage solutions which are sure to provide LG Electronics a leading edge in the signage industry.


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